10 Titles to read science fiction

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The literary genre of science fiction is one of the most watched and enjoys more film adaptations

Science fiction books are a great demand of millions of people who are designated as hardcore in this genre, both for adaptation to the big screen of many of them.

Because science fiction makes imagine another kind of life, of beings, of world… and for a few moments ago to forget reality and plunges into a fantasy world.

There are many books and fiction stories, but according to the Times, these are the 10 essential titles:

-”Ship a million of years” by Poul Anderson. It is a story about immortality, it runs through the entire history of humanity through its characters, which are immortal, and although they are pursued through the centuries by Satanism and witchcraft, have been gradually learning to recognize a and to know what is your way.

-”TheDarwinRadio” from Greg Bear. A thriller about genetic research and the evolution of mankind. As a result of a new sexually transmitted disease all fetuses receive a genetic mutation that leads to the children to be born dead. Changes that can be seen in his body seem to indicate a phenomenon of speciation, a dramatic evolutionary change.

-”The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury. This collection of stories brings together the Chronicle of the colonization of Mars by a humanity which abandons the Earth in successive waves of silver rockets and dreams of playing the red planet, without taking into account and no respect for the inhabitants of the red planet.

-”Dream of electric sheep androids” by Philip K. Dick. One of the masters of Science fiction. This work is a mind-blowing technological nightmare, whose main theme is the vague boundary between the natural and the artificial. This splendid novel Ridley Scott based for his film Blade Runner.

-”Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem. Solaris is a planet composed only by ocean, to its orbit around a spacecraft where its crew while trying to discover and contact with alien intelligence that perceive, notice a few very strong in his personality and psychology changes. Lem presents a claustrophobic novel, which makes an in-depth study of human psychology and relationships through a planet facing the inhabitants of the station to their innermost fears.

-”CanopusinArgos” of Doris Lessing. It is a series of five volumes, which describe the becoming of a space civilization. Lessing is Nobel Prize 2007.

-”20,000 Leagues underwater journey” by Jules Verne. One of the thousands of nineteenth-century sci-fi stones. The novel deals with Captain Nemo and his monstrous submersible. A story full of adventure and all the knowledge of the time about naval engineering and the Sciences of the sea.

-”The war of the worlds” of H. G. Wells. With this work, was born the modern science fiction. Fast-paced tale that narrates the invasion of Earth by Martians and which meant for the first time the emergence of beings from other planets in our own.

-”The Humanoids” by Jack Williamson. The Humanoids are created to serve man, to be their slaves, but they realize too late that they can become dominated by its creation.

-”The day of the Trifidos” of John Wyndham. The triffids are a species of genetically modified plant able to feel and Act; this is released on Earth as well as several space lights and meteors leaving blind part of humanity. The survivors must face his own disability; despair and barbarism that Queen and these triffids attack intended to take possession of the Earth.

If you know some other book of science fiction that is worth reading and is not here, feel free to leave your comment.


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