10 amazing aerobic exercises that really work

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Are you tired of going to the gym?  Most of us rarely move in the workplace, and that makes some of the health problems more painful for us.

How can you avoid the pain and stiffness that accompany a sedentary lifestyle? Well, there is some Aqua aerobic exercises that can help you! Read the post!


In the water at the waist, move your arms and cross the pool.  Keep your back straight and avoid walking on tiptoe. To increase resistance to wear by hand nets or other resistance devices.The aerobic exercises are good for health.

Arm exercises:

The use of weights in the water can help strengthen the biceps and triceps. Stand in water at your waist hold a dumbbell, with your arms down and your elbows glued to your body. Raise your forearms to the water, keep your elbows close to your body and your wrists straight. Push down until the arms are straight again. Do it 12 to 15 times.

Resistance training:

Holding a skateboard, standing in the pool. Open your legs and tighten your abdominal muscles. Extend your right arm and the small end of the bike with your right hand and the widest part with your left hand. Keep your left elbow close to the body and move the edge toward the center of your body.The aerobic exercises are good for health.

Resistance training
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Training leg:

Tie water noodles around the foot. Put your back to the wall of the pool and place your arms on the edge of the pool for stability. Stretch your leg in front of you and bend your knee to a 90-degree position. Change your leg and repeat the exercise.

Marching water:

Stand up and take big steps. Stretch your extremities to the optimum, point your toes and move your arms back and forth. Continue to run along the length of the pool until you suffer from fatigue.

Jumping Jack:

Put your feet on the floor of the pool and keep your arms by your side. Now jump and kick your legs sideways. Swing your arms up and down. Keep your knees and feet together and make sure that your arms are at your side, at the end of a cycle. Repeat the excercise ten times.

Water cycling:

Place your elbows on the top edge of the pool. Move your legs back and forth to replicate the movement cycling. Run for 5-10 minutes.The aerobic exercises are good for health.

Water cycling
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Keep your back straight and your arms at your sides, bend your right leg to form a 90 degree angle. Make sure you can see the toe while flexing the knee. Extend the left leg backwards, in order to form a straight line. Execute ten thrusts and then change legs.


Face the wall of the pool, holding on to the edge with both hands. Make the legs up and down the side of the pool. Repeat 20 times.

Cross country:

Imitate the cross-country action. While one leg moves towards the back of the other one it moves towards the front with the opposite arms. Repeat 15 times.

Cross country
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Start doing these exercises today and stay healthy! Do you know other aqua aerobics? Share with us commenting on the box below!



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