Patients with alcohol dependence or abuse

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Many people consume alcohol; however, the form, quantity, and frequency vary from individual to individual. Some do so to cause harm to their health for alcohol dependence . Within the group of people in whom alcohol causes harm, there are also differences in the way of consuming it and in the problems generated, either in your body or in the family or social environment, for which the pattern of harmful alcohol consumption is It can be classified into two, problematic consumption and dependence.Problematic consumption

Problematic consumption is the pattern of alcohol consumption that causes negative health effects for the drinker, for those around him and for society in general.

Alcohol dependence

A person is dependent on alcohol when he drinks in such a way that it impaired his life and health . The dependency has some characteristic. they are:

Need to drink more and more to get drunk or, by eating the same amount as on other occasions, the person gets drunk less.

  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (explained below).
  •  Increase in the time you spend drinking.
  •  Difficulty stopping drinking.
  •  Losing a lot of time recovering from drinking or getting alcohol.
  •  Isolation of important daily activities such as spending time with family, at work or with friends.
  •  Continuation of the habit of drinking despite recognizing the harmful effects of alcohol.


Alcohol dependence
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Acute alcohol poisoning


In mild cases there may be changes in mood or emotional disinhibition (joy, sadness, aggression), slight motor incoordination (clumsiness), and as blood alcohol concentrations are higher, motor incoordination is greater (difficulty walking, stagger); there is difficulty speaking, nausea, vomiting, severe motor incoordination (inability to stop or make other movements, such as grabbing objects, putting the key in the lock, etc.); Seizures, coma and cardiac and respiratory arrest can also occur, which can lead to the death of a person.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

when patient stop taking alcohol than withdrawl syndrome occurs. the symptoms that appear are physical and mental, and vary in intensity from one subject to another. Mental symptoms include anguish, remorse and the temporary desire to stop drinking, and physical symptoms may include tremor, sweating, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, among others. There are people who can present potentially fatal complications, for example, seizures and delirium tremens. Therefore, the evaluation and early identification of people at risk of presenting a severe withdrawal syndrome is important in order to give them preventive management and avoid complications.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
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The amount ingested

  •  If you have been able to stop the consumption of alcohol.
  •  you have had difficulties in doing what you should do because of alcohol.
  •  If you have needed to drink alcohol in the mornings.
  •   you have felt guilt about the way you drink.
  •  If you have had memory failures (gaps) due to alcohol consumption.
  •  accidents or injuries have occurred to you or to others because of your alcohol use.
  •  If someone has suggested that you should decrease your alcohol consumption.

According to the answers you provide, if necessary, you will  told about the importance of decreasing and suspending alcohol consumption.

Therefore, to obtain the necessary information in a complete way, you or your companion will be asked for additional information. Although answering some of the questions that will be asked of you or your companions may be uncomfortable, the information is important to plan your treatment and decrease the risk of serious complications. All your answers will be confidential; Your sincerity is fundamental.



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