The 6 best butane gas stoves

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If you want to warm up at home during the colder months and do not want to put the heating, an interesting option may be to buy the best butane gas stove. So that you can have the security of making a quality purchase, I recommend the following models through a list.

Butane gas stove Orbegozo    butane gas stove

If you want to enjoy the advantages of this type of stoves and also want to have a modern design, in imitation of a wood burning fireplace, this option you will surely like.

It has a power of 3500w, which means that it will give you enough heat so you can spend the coldest months without problems. To this, we must add that it has the efficient blue technology, with real flame effect, while the ignition is very simple. You only have to press a button and the stove starts working. And to avoid problems, it has a security system, so you can be sure that you will be buying one of the safest stoves on the market.

Longhi butane gas stove  butane gas stove

This time I present a really modern model, which will give you warmth and also give a plus to the decoration of your home.

If we focus on the stove, we can see how it is a bit more powerful, specifically has a power of 4200w, so it can be a good choice for large rooms. And to save energy, you can regulate the power through a special flame control system. This adjustment can be done manually or you can bet on the automatic option. To this, we must add a double security system, which will automatically turn off the gas in case the flame goes out. Perfect to avoid any type of gas leak that could cause an explosion.

Butsir butane gas stove  butane gas stove

A design that perfectly shows and combines the modern with the traditional. Specifically, this model has been designed in black and orange. This means that either you like it a lot or you do not like anything.

This model of blue flame is very easy to handle and has adequate power to offer you the heat you need in winter, with the advantage that once the bottle is inserted, you can not see anything. And do not forget that it has a special system to avoid the smell of gas, although as you know, with use, there is always a small smell of gas that is not dangerous at all. Of course, you always have to perform good ventilation to eliminate possible leaks.

Free flame butane gas stove  butane gas stove

This model has a modern design and far from what we are used to seeing as a rule when buying a gas stove.

It has an electronic ignition system that makes its operation really simple. Once ignited, the stove heats up gradually, with the aim of achieving a uniform heat and therefore more quality. What’s more, once it’s off, it holds up the heat quite well, which is an extra plus for this model.

It has an automatic shutdown safety system in case of no flame and can work with butane or propane gas. With the advantage of knowing that it does not emit CO2, which is very good. Although as I have always recommended, ventilation is important at least once a day.

Terrace gas butane stove  butane gas stove

If what you are looking for is a good gas stove for the terrace, this model is one of the best at the moment. Not only has a very nice design, but it is easy to move, hold and most importantly, to function.

when buying this model, which has enough power to heat outside, you should know that you can buy it in black or stainless steel.

Do not forget that it has a piezoelectric ignition. It does not have the flame regulator, which must be purchased separately. I personally recommend it to be able to have more control of the stove.

Butane gas stove Maurer  butane gas stove

To finish the list, I present a model with a simple design, typical of the stoves of all life, but with the advantage of including modern extras that make the stove more secure.

The infrared stove has a power of 4200w, that is, it is one of the most powerful today, so you will have the degree of heat you are looking for. And if you do not want so much heat, you can regulate the power without problems. This will cause the gas consumption to drop and the bottle will last longer. Specifically, you can choose between 14, 28 and 4.2kw. The ignition is piezoelectric and has ceramic plates to make the heat more durable. It also includes wheels to move it more easily and with an anti-tipping system.

Tips for buying a butane gas stove

As you well know, gas stoves are a great source of heat. These stoves take a long time between us and today they are still a very used alternative to warm us in winter. If you are thinking of buying a stove, I recommend you to take into account the tips that I am going to show you next.

Today you can choose between 3 different types of stoves, mainly. The radiant, catalytic stove and the blue flame stove. The latter is the one that is being carried most thanks to its benefits, such as greater heat emission in exchange for a lower consumption than other models.

Once you know the different types of stoves, it’s time to look at the power that you have. Depending on the space you want to heat with it, you will have to buy a model with more or less power. Of course, if you have to heat a room exceeding 35 square meters, the best option will be the radiant stove, because it emits more heat, although consumption is much higher.

Consumption is another factor to consider, the less you consume better, so you can save medium and long-term in gas cylinders.

Do not forget to take into account the security measures that the gas stove has. Keep in mind that not all models have the same measures, so always have to look that is as safe as possible.

As the size of these stoves is not small and with the bottle its weight is high, I can assure you that the best thing you can do is buy a model that includes wheels to facilitate transport. The vast majority include this extra, but it is important that you look to see if you are going to make a good purchase.

It is also important to see if it is easy to use and if it has a rapid heating system. To finish it can be a good option to look at the design to make the final decision.

But before saying goodbye, I want to give you a series of keys so you can enjoy your new gas stove to the fullest.

If you have space, it may be a good idea to keep a full tank. This way you will have the assurance that if a bottle is finished, you can change it for another and not run out of heat until you buy a new one.

Keep in mind that blue flame stoves are not only the safest but also the most efficient, hence they are the best option in my opinion.

Do not forget that these types of stoves are recommended for places or rooms with an area of ​​more than 20 square meters to ensure that they will work well and do not present any risk. What’s more, the stay has to be ventilated to avoid any type of risk. And it is that our health is the most important.


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