9 tips to buy appliances and not regret

Are you afraid to make a bad purchase? Well then do not miss the best tips to make a successful appliance purchase.

# 1 Ask friends

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If you are thinking of buying a particular appliance and need testable references, ask a family member or friend who has already purchased it first. I give you some examples: ask how it was with the front-loading of the washing machine, with the stainless steel exterior of the microwave oven or if the capsule coffee maker was as good as they say. There are things that you only realize with the use, and there is nothing better to learn than what happened to the others with the appliance you intend to buy. buy appliances is important

# 2 Do not buy impulsively

There is nothing worse than seeing that what you have just bought in a store has a much lower price in another. This is one of the reasons why you should not make an impulse purchase. Another reason is that sometimes you laugh at how nice it is and you do not really think about other qualities, like its exact dimensions, if you spend a lot of gas or electricity, among others.

# 3 Buy according to your habits

The appliance you buy should be in accordance with your lifestyle and habits. If you are a little cook, do not buy a kitchen like Top Chef do you understand where I’m going? buy appliances is important.

# 4 See if it will pass through your door

Do not laugh or think it’s silly, because you do not know how many people have bought such a large appliance that they could not get through the kitchen door or up narrow stairs.

# 5 Read the fine print

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Do not stop reading the fine print and then do not regret it. In each paper that they give you with the purchase, there are keys that will serve you for the guarantee of the product and the duties of the seller.buy appliances is important

# 6 Pay attention to the sounds

Nobody wants a washer that stuns you every time it works or a blender that wakes up your neighbors, so check the sound they produce before buying them.

# 7 Inspect the doors

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Many appliances come with doors. There are some who can be changed in the sense in which it opens, but not others. If you are going to buy one with a fixed door, check that it fits you and does not obstruct other appliances or important places in your home.

# 8 Find out who can repair it

buy appliances

Before making the purchase you must make sure that the technical service of that brand is in your city, you will not want to buy something that later you can not repair, even when you are under warranty.

# 9 Buy where it’s most convenient for you

Not only compare prices of the same model, but also take into account if they make home deliveries, if they have extended warranty and in how many installments without interest you can pay.


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