What are the most appropriate exercises during pregnancy?

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The great news comes, you are pregnant and you want to know if you can continue doing the exercise to which you are accustomed if it is convenient to start new physical activity practices or on the contrary, the exercise is contraindicated. Today we are going to discuss all these topics and to see which are the most appropriate exercises during pregnancy.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that, if there is no contraindication, to perform a moderate exercise during pregnancy is good for the mother and for the baby. Therefore we should not fear to continue with our gymnastics or start gradually when we are pregnant: it is advisable if there are no risks for pregnancy. exercises during pregnancy are important.

Exercise can help us to find ourselves better and maintain the right weight, and it can also help to alleviate or prevent discomfort during pregnancy. It can also give us more energy and prepare the body for labor, increasing the level of muscular strength and optimism. In short, everything is advantages for both the body and the mind.

If we do not have serious medical problems and pregnancy is not complicated or risky, it will be safe to do some exercise. However, it is best to consult with the doctor before starting any exercise program, because every woman is a world and we can not risk it.

 exercises during pregnancy

Which exercises are the most recommended during pregnancy?

Also in the case of the different exercises, it should be noted that each case is different, and for a woman who is accustomed to swimming that is probably the exercise indicated, but if we have never practiced swimming or is an activity that we dislike, better choose another exercise.

If we are not used to doing any exercise, it is best that we start with the walks, because it does not require special conditions or training and at least at a slow pace we usually do them all.  exercises during pregnancy are important.

In short, we must take into account the habits and preferences of each woman, but in general, we can say that there are certain physical activities appropriate to perform during this stage and that we could also perform combined …

  • Walking during pregnancy brings multiple benefits and is an activity that can be performed from the first to the last moment before delivery. In fact, it is recommended to favor the arrival of the baby naturally. Walking we prevent circulatory problems such as edema and its consequences, swelling of legs and feet, constipation, hemorrhoids … In addition, walking during pregnancy helps control weight gain without forcing the body, because it is an aerobic exercise but of low impact.
  • Cycling during pregnancy is an activity that relaxes, tones, distracts, avoids excess weight (both of the mother and the baby), improves circulation (which causes so many problems during pregnancy) … Cycling is recommended usually as a viable activity until the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. After this time the volume of the belly of the pregnant woman can unbalance her and it is best to look for something less dangerous. One option for the final stretch of pregnancy may be the exercise bike.
  • During pregnancy, it is ideal to exercise in the water, since this means that the bodies that are submerged in it greatly reduce their physical weight and reduce the risk of injuring or forcing muscles. Another advantage is that the body of the pregnant woman does not overheat excessively. And next to these points, swimming or aqua aerobics provide muscular, circulatory, respiratory improvement, decreases pain in the lower back, relaxes …
  • Yoga during pregnancy: this exercise improves body posture and helps prevent back pain and disorders such as hemorrhoids and vomiting, helps reduce the pressure and weight of pregnancy, helps eliminate fatigue, nervous tension and ensures the fetus greater oxygenation … It is also a very relaxing exercise for the mother and during it is usually very aware of the baby, promoting bonding and communication before birth.
  • The Pilates method is also beneficial and provides similar benefits to yoga. You just have to take into account avoid postures or exercises that press the belly or endanger our balance.
  • We can make a plan of stretching the spine and head exercises at home, as well as other stretches, to complement other physical activity and get flexibility, relaxation, muscle toning … These exercises, along with other legs, arms, abdominal. ..  or squat exercises are common in childbirth classes but we can do them comfortably at home.

We already have to choose the ideal exercise for us during pregnancy. In any case, as we have said, it is good to consult with our doctor before starting our exercise plan in case you consider that there is a particular risk in our situation.

In addition, if we notice any of the following symptoms, we must interrupt the performance of any exercise and go to the gynecologist: vaginal bleeding, difficulties or effort to breathe before undertaking physical activity, dizziness, headache, chest discomfort, muscle weakness, pain or swelling in the calves, contractions, reduced movement of the fetus, blurred vision or loss of fluid through the vagina. exercises during pregnancy are important.

We hope that with all these tips you are willing to enjoy a healthy exercise in pregnancy, beneficial for both the future mother and the baby. Soon we will come back with more tips to make this stage healthier and happier, talking about when you can start exercising during pregnancy.  exercises during pregnancy are important.


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