10 profitable food business

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there are vast profitable business sectors to invest in which one could enter as an entrepreneur, but there is always the uncertainty about whether that business will be the right one.It is true that competition is great, but in the gastronomic sector there are businesses that leave money, despite the hard rivalry of individuals and franchises , there is always room for entrepreneurs who have the will to start a project that is profitable, provided that when it is carried in the right way.

Here are 10 profitable food business :

1.Wings business profitable food business

This is a trend that few would imagine would be so popular, just with the concept of offering chicken wings with toppings. But this “dish” has become popular thanks to the publicity given by many bars, and even clubs.

At present it is rare to find a bar that only offers the drink, because it seems that beer has made this sandwich a good and inseparable complement.

To such a point, its popularity comes that there are restaurants and small businesses that have a good part of their income thanks to this “snack”. It is one of the profitable food business.

2. Hamburger business profitable food business

A trend in gastronomy that came many years ago , but that despite the passage of time, has not lost popularity, on the contrary, continues to grow.

In this sense, the pioneers are the hamburger business , but another type of food has arrived that also has great acceptance in Latin countries, such as: synchronized, hot cakes, etc.

3. Sushi business profitable food business

Although Japanese food entered America many years ago, it is only when it is becoming more popular, but not necessarily because of teriyaki, noodles or rice balls, but because of sushi. It is one of the profitable food business.

In this sense it is important to emphasize that the fame of this oriental delicacy is so great, that in Mexico it has been very well received, since some national ingredients have been added to it, such as avocado and chili.

4. Food Truck profitable food business

Few are those who know about the profitability that this product is generating to entrepreneurs in the gastronomic sector.

Although the investment is high, the possibilities with this business idea are many. Take into account that the great advantage of a Food Truck is being able to be transported to almost any place to sell the dish or snack.

Of course, some regions of the country may have limitations and ask for special permits for this type of business that is not yet so popular in Mexico, but that analysts take as a great business opportunity for the future.

5. Juices and Snacks Business profitable food business

Maybe sometime in the morning you have seen some of those positions that are dedicated to the sale of juice , juice and various drinks, but despite how humble you can see … you never wondered why most of them are still working despite the years? It is one of the profitable food business.

Believe it or not, the business of juices as basic as orange, carrot, grapefruit, etc., is very profitable, people judge quickly by seeing them in a simple stall. But that implies an advantage for the entrepreneur since he does not have to invest much, think about it like this: the fruit is very cheap, it is enough with a very basic furniture, it does not require a local rent (unless you want to expand as a business), the permits are few and easy to process, etc.

So the next do not judge a business by its appearance, perhaps the owner knew where the athletes go, the people who perform zumba or just found a good cross where people saw it well and bought their product.

6. Start a Cafeteria profitable food business

This is another of the great fashions that have emerged in recent years. Although it is not a restaurant , many people go to these establishments to satisfy a little appetite with a snack and at the same time have a good time. It is one of the profitable food business.

Unlike a restaurant, a cafeteria must take care of its aesthetic image, as it is an important element with this type of business.

Remember that in this turn you have to know what is necessary to manage the cafeteria, otherwise you will be destined to fail. If you want to know how to start a cafeteria business, I invite you to review our catalog of cafeteria courses .

7. Restaurant bar profitable food business

It is true that putting a bar is a good business idea, as long as you are committed to the job, many entrepreneurs fail because they have the wrong idea that they may be drinking during work, and enjoy the days. Those businesses fall apart because they lose their commitment.

But let’s go to the Restaurant Bar, we already said that a bar is profitable on its own, with a business that has both concepts: gastronomy and alcoholic beverages, the probability of success increases since one can be the complement of the other, it is say, that if people come to your place looking for something to eat, then you may end up consuming a drink; On the other hand, if you go for a few drinks , you may end up asking for something to eat or a snack.

Take into account that this type of business requires a large investment , so it is highly recommended that you start little by little, or otherwise, ask for financing, for this a business plan of a restaurant is necessary, of course, complementing it with the bar. It is one of the profitable food business.

8. Donuts and churros business profitable food business

Although the donuts are known almost worldwide (like donuts), the churros business is more popular in Latin America, this implies an advantage for those who were trained in pastry and want to dedicate themselves to offering a sweet snack.

This type of snack is very profitable when it is presented in a presentable and organized way to the public, sometimes it is not enough for the donuts  business to look exquisite, also its presentation to customers is important.

Something highly recommended in this type of business is that you buy a showcase, so the products are kept in view of all and with a pleasant presentation.

Remember that there are also cabinets that include heating for food, such as those of pizzas , so you should consider buying one, as you will not only have a presentation, you will also deliver a product that gives the feeling of being freshly baked.

9. Ice cream and cold drinks business profitable food business

A business for lovers of sweet and creamy flavors. Although a business of its own is a good idea for this sector, it is common for you to lean towards a franchise.

In the ice cream business , the franchise has the advantage that it gives a marketing facility to those who ally with it, it is practically the company who is responsible for analyzing the situation to determine if it is convenient or not to open another franchise . It is one of the profitable food business.

A great advantage of this type of business, which at the same time can be a disadvantage, is the great variety of flavors that it has. The infinity of varieties that can be offered satisfy almost any need.

The disadvantage comes when you have an exaggerated amount of flavors of ice creams and yogurts, because that makes you risk that several of them are not sold if the client does not go through all. Having an exorbitant amount of product can make this you stay. For that reason it is highly recommended to analyze the tastes of the customers, and choose only the flavors that generate income.

10. Start a Beer business profitable food business

Who does not like beer? Now imagine all those people who can be your potential clients that would be transformed into income; more if you complement your brewery  with a presentation of the place and culture, that is, something traditional. Take this into account because it attracts a lot of foreigners, and also locals.

In addition, if you offer cocktails in different presentations such as michelada etc., you can raise your profits even more, and you can also offer wings and potatoes or hamburgers.


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