10 Tips for buying your first motorcycle

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We have all gone through the trance of looking for our first motorcycle. The illusion, the money available, the heart, the reason … Everything is mixed and there are times when it seems impossible to decide without going crazy . We have all dreamed of supercars, with the great trail, with impressive naked …

But, let’s not kid ourselves. Our first motorcycle should be one that makes life easy for us, one that does not spoil us with eternal payments to the bank, the one with the least bulky maintenance bills and the one that, ultimately, we need the most. You can have the money to buy it, but not have money to keep it – repairs, reviews, insurance, taxes. You can have strength but maybe you lack height. You can have the skill, but you will lack experience. With your first bike, you cannot play it. You have to buy with your head.

1- Look for a motorcycle on which you can easily walk

Do not let yourself be carried away by vanity. It is always better to buy a motorcycle on which you walk comfortably than another larger one that impresses your friends more. There are many bikes with an adjustable seat and many with a low saddle option. Make sure you save many falls.

2- Weight is another factor to consider

For a novice, there is nothing worse than a lot of power and a lot of weight. Power and weight are two of the factors that you must fight against. The weight when maneuvering at a standstill is a dominant factor, especially if you do not step correctly – another point that we will talk about later on. With a light motorcycle, you save many compromised situations by circulating.

3- You must take into account if you are going to carry normally a passenger

Do not be selfish. If you are normally going to carry a passenger, think about your comfort. That the plaza is generous or moderately generous, that it has handles, that it is not exposed to the wind or on the second floor. Think also of the package.

4- Do not be impressed by gadgets that you will not use

Yes, technology is impressive and cool to have a lot of gadgets, but beware! Gadgets have a high price that you will pay and, what is worse, you may never use. Think about safety before comfort, or at the whim. A traction control is better than having power curves or a hands-free system.

5- It is better a motorcycle that you should not limit your license

I know that many prefer to buy the big donkey, walk or not walk, but if it is your first motorcycle, it is preferable to acquire a suitable one to your abilities. The bike must be balanced in performance, weight, and power. A 210-kg, 45-hp bike may not be ideal. The first two years you should enjoy, not suffer.

6- The motorcycle, the larger displacement, the more expensive to maintain

The bigger the displacement of the motorcycle, the more expensive it is to maintain it, the more it wears out the tires, consumes more gasoline, the consumables and refills are more expensive, the insurance costs more and pays more taxes. It will be cheaper to maintain a 300 than a 500 cc, or a single cylinder than a two-cylinder.

7- Think about having a closed parking

It is not nonsense. A motorcycle parked on the street ages earlier suffers more deterioration from vandalism or simple carelessness and can be stolen more easily. A square in a closed parking lot is always a well-spent expense.

8- Having the dealer near your home is a convenience

We know it’s a truism, but having the dealer close to home makes things easier. A small problem is solved in less time, going to do the review is not lazy and any small inconvenience is easily solved.

9- Take advantage of the offers for changing the model

Having the latest model is not necessary. It is a mania that we have and that often means losing a succulent discount. Brands usually make rebates for changing the model that can be a good pinch. In addition, the veteran model sure will not have problems of usual youth, so you buy a motorcycle with which surely you will not have to use the warranty.

10- If it’s a 125 cc, think about buying one with ABS

The current regulations require 125 cc motorcycles to equip an advanced braking system – combined brake – or ABS. We are inclined to recommend that you buy a 125 cc with ABS because of the enormous advantages it offers compared to a simple combined braking system, although the price of the version with ABS is higher. You gain a lot in security.

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