7 Tips to keep healthy dyed hair

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Taking care of your dyed hair is not difficult, the important thing is to adapt to a new care routine. Once you do, you won’t even notice it but you will definitely notice the results.

1.  Hot water

It is the worst enemy of dyed hair, especially if they are very bright or reddish tones.

The first changes you should apply are in the way you wash your hair. Forget the hot water! and start using warm water; This will keep the color longer and give the hair more shine.

2. The wash

Following the issue of washing, we do not get tired of saying that the best recommendation for any hair is NOT to wash it daily. Especially when it comes to a discolored hair or very light colors such as Gray, Silver or pastel shades.

In this way you allow the oily scalp that naturally produces the scalp to protect it, for this, it is important that you brush at night with a natural bristle brush to distribute the nutrients to the tip, which is where they are most needed.

You should also know the correct technique to wash your hair. Apply enough shampoo and give a light massage on the scalp with the fingertips, never with the nails!

Then just spread the foam to the rest of the hair and don’t carve it!

It is the worst thing you do, just mistreat it, the cuticle opens, it becomes entangled and is spongy, dull and dull.

3. The indicated shampoo

Depending on the tone you have, you should look for the best shampoo option. Ideally, use 2 intercalating them; one that is free of sulfates such as Loquay Chocolate Shampoo and another that is shampoo shading (red, black, chocolate, beige, etc.) that suits your tone.

To brighten and revitalize the color, we recommend you do the following once a week: apply the shampoo shaker on dry hair and wait 20 minutes. Then rinse and continue with your routine.

how to take care of dyed hair

4. The worst shampoo

The anti-dandruff shampoo is the worst thing you can use if you have dyed hair since its cleaning agents devastate the color.

The best solution is to exfoliate with a comb before bathing so that all dandruff comes off and you can use less shampoo. The use of it is also convenient for you to space it more and more so that your color lasts much longer.

5. Goodbye to the conditioner

Once you decide to dye your hair for the first time or if you are already doing it for years, it is necessary that you stop using your usual conditioner and replace it with a cream treatment. If you have never used a conditioner, you will also have to start applying a treatment.

In Loquay we have several options:

– HA Ceramides for Dyed Hair is useful for any shade, even if they are pastel shades.

– Fusion Herbal we love it because it deeply moisturizes and nourishes dyed hair and you notice the results from the first application. It is ideal for controlling abundant, rebellious or curly hair.

– First Amino Keratina is part of the family of the same name. All these products are specially developed for processed hair and this cream mask is the ideal complement when you have discoloration.

METHOD OF USE: any of the 3 treatments you apply after shampoo means to ends; Wait 3 minutes and rinse.

6. Take care of the heat

Did you know that heat also causes color leakage?

That’s right when you have a dyed hair you have to pay special attention when using any heat tool.

The first and most important step is to apply a protector.

If you iron your hair, first you have to dry it perfectly with the dryer and the correct way to do it is to always blow the air down and putting distance between the device and the hair. With this technique, you take full advantage of the hot air but protect the hair and take care of the color.

When using the iron, let it be at medium temperature. But what is the average temperature?

Well, all plates with regulators have numbers that normally range from 1 to 50, therefore, you will have to adjust it between 30 and 35. If it has another numbering, look at what number it starts and with which one it ends and adjust it to 50%

TIP: in the end, you can use cold air from the dryer to close the cuticle and give it an extra touch of shine.

7. Shot of treatment

All dyed hair needs a treatment (even virgins) and especially if it is dyed and discolored hair.

In addition to shampoo, post-treatment and heat protection, it is important that you take care of your hair dyed with a vial.

If you only have dyed, you can use it once a week and if you have discoloration 2 times.

Any of our blisters are applied to dry hair from medium to ends and do NOT rinse!




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