The 8 best amperimetric clamps

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Our best professionals have chosen the highest quality clamp meters available in the market and have analyzed them in detail to help you choose the model that best suits your needs. Take a look at the current clamps below to choose the ones that best suit what you are looking for.

Yellow clamp meters

The first clamp meters we have chosen are a model that has many different functions among which we highlight the continuity test, retention of measured values, diode test, continuity test, overload protection and indicator of the state of the battery. They are yellow pliers to recognize seamlessly into any work environment and will offer optimum results.

Clamp Meter with temperature measurement  

Then we have chosen a clamp meter that has temperature measurement and an ideal design to avoid any type of electric shock injury. They are very interesting clamps to measure the temperature very accurately and they are also a good option to measure the frequency, resistance and temperature. They also have warnings when the resistance is very low so they are a good alternative to protect a facility.

Clamp Meter with Voltmeter

In the third place we have chosen a clamp meter that incorporates an efficient voltmeter. It is a great tool to measure the electrical current without breaking the cables. They are also a clamp meter that allows a multifunctional measurement and also it is also an ideal model to make voltage measurements without contact of any kind. It should be noted that these clamps also incorporate an efficient audible continuity sensor and include a large number of very practical accessories to optimize safety and perform quality measurements.

Orange clamp meter

We present you with orange clamps that are very practical and multifunction so that you can use them at home, in warehouses, in the laboratory or in field work. They are a good alternative and recommended by these  electricians of Fuenlabrada to measure resistance, tension, continuity and a long etc. and they do not need direct contact to offer good and efficient results in their measurements.

Red amperometric clamps

The red current clamps that our experts present here are a model that incorporates a first-class automatic multimeter. Simply turn the switch to obtain the best results in terms of resistance, current, voltage, frequency and diodes. In addition these pinas incorporate a LCD screen of first quality and are a very good option to solve all kinds of electrical and domestic problems with the best guarantees.

Clamps amperometric with plastic sheath

Do you want very practical and resistant clamp meters? This model comes with a digital multimeter that incorporates a plastic sleeve. They serve both to measure AC current and AC / DC voltage. They are a good safe option to be used in factories, in schools, in homes and outdoors by professionals and amateur users. Its design is compact and easy to use and also incorporate a practical LCD screen that is easy to read.

Professional clamp meters

The professional clamp meters that we present here are a very good quality model that is ideal to detect all the functions that are required and present the data that is needed. It also incorporates a special alarm function with light that will warn if the voltage is too high. It serves to measure the frequency of voltage and frequency and can retain and save the data very efficiently to use them when needed.

Heavy-duty clamp

If you are looking for a high quality clamp meter that will give you an optimal resistance these clamps are just what you need. They are a really ergonomic model that will adapt perfectly to your hands so you can use them comfortably all the time you have to work with them. They will also offer you really accurate values ​​and without a doubt it is one of the best tools for electricians that exist for both residential and commercial applications. We recommend them to check the voltage, continuity and load current in fuses, contacts and circuits with a lot of efficiency and safety.

Tips for choosing the best clamp meters

In addition to presenting you the best models of clamp meters that you can find in the market this year we bring you some tips, advice and recommendations to help you choose some clamps that suit your needs.

First of all, keep in mind that clamp meters are one of the most popular types of ammeters that exist. You will have to keep in mind that these devices must be safe first of all because they are devices with which you will handle large electrical currents and otherwise they can become dangerous.

We recommend choosing one or other ammeters taking into account the work environment in which we will use it. In addition, we must always choose clamp meters that comply with all safety regulations and that have enough voltage to make quality measurements.

We also consider it important to choose amperometric clamps that are very comfortable to be able to handle them comfortably even in places that are difficult to access and, of course, also useful, practical and that will help us to work in all the environments in which we plan to use them.

Finally, as far as the accuracy of the ammeter is concerned, you will always have to assess the quality of your work and the specific specifications. Also check that the screen is a good size to work comfortably and safely with a clear vision.


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