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a food truck practically works with the same principle as Fast Food. The difference is that you can move to almost any part of the city to sell your product .

Although in the beginning this type of market was not legalized. It  is a good Business Opportunity because unlike a restaurant or street vendor, you can move almost anywhere so the location would not be a problem.

In recent years the trend of mobile food has been gaining strength for its practicality and accessibility of prices.In recent years, a food truck are looking for a young clientele. Since SAP says that this market will represent 50% of global consumption in 2018.

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Although it is estimated that riding it is expensive, you must learn to manage your investment. Food Trucks can represent the opportunity to win as you always wanted,  you should consider the points that I present below:


It is difficult to tell you how much you are going to spend with this Business Idea. Since it goes from buying the vehicle, the condiments, products, utensils, etc. Well, everything depends on what kind of product you offer, you can offer foreign or national food.

Take into account that this is not the only expense you will do because as I told you at the beginning. You must comply with requirements before the law, among which permits are included. However, keep in mind that depending on the country and even the state where you live,  you may have different regulations to put a Food Truck.

Do not forget that being a food business, you also have health agents behind you so you must comply with all the rules they establish.

The prices of your products will depend on what you want to sell.For example, the preparation of the crepes does not spend the same as tacos or burritos.

I know it is a somewhat expensive investment, but remember that there are also great advantages if you decide to start a business of this type.

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I will repeat it, the advantage that a Food Truck has over restaurants is that it can be moved. When you make a Business Plan with a fixed place (property) you must limit yourself to a single location. But with this idea the opportunities are very varied.

Of course, you must learn to position yourself in the right place at the right time. It does not do you any good to go sell to a colony where you are not familiar with what you offer. People are not curious to try your food.

Investigate! You must know the Consumer Profile , where it is located and at what time, for this you can help you from the previous observation. One day go and see people in a certain location and see what they buy to eat.

In the best case you can help with surveys where you ask what you eat and at what times. This last method is more effective than you can imagine.


This is vital, the image of your Food Truck is very important. It should attract customers , reflect what you sell, have bright colors and, most importantly, let your logo know .

For this you can consult the companies or individuals that are dedicated to the design of both the vehicle and the printing  on it. You can request the services of an expert to design your vehicle.Take into account that try only to put a grill inside and open a window to the side.Remember that there are regulations and they have to be met, they are issues that the person or company that designs your truck should know.

In the case of advertising design, your logo should convey the concept, what you want to sell, which can range from healthy food to fast food.

If people notice your “position” in the distance and it catches your attention. They will surely come closer and the aroma of your food will do the rest.

mobile truck
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Just as the Food Truck has its benefits to be transported almost anywhere to sell your food. It can also serve as a form of advertisement. I told you earlier that your vehicle should be eye-catching but pleasing to the eye of the people.

However, it is not enough just to have a fascinating view of the vehicle. You should also look for other ways to promote yourself. Consider the possibility of fliers where you understand what you sell. How you work, where you are going .

We live in a world where technology gives us the opportunity to make ourselves known, lately, it has gained a lot of strength thanks to the promotion of restaurants and food businesses, all this achieved through advertising through images of dishes, menus, and promotions of offered by the Food Truck.

Although the Food Truck is still growing, at least in countries such as the United States it is a trend that has great acceptance from diners, so it is a good idea to invest in it, provided you know how to investigate and find out If it’s profitable in your city






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