10 best Abs training machines

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Do you want to get defined abs? And you are confused with the type of equipment that will be used to make them? It is the circumstance that sometimes we do not know what kind of machines to work with in order to get the body that we had always wanted.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

So if chiseled abs are what you want, then what should be the right machines you should use? Do you want to know? Then you have to read this post!

Bench Abs

Bench Abs is the most common machine and the abs exercise used frequently. It is available in almost all gyms or fitness centers as the counter can be used for a variety of exercises. The ab bench is also known as an adjustable sit machine, as you can adjust (increase or decrease) the angle of the bench. A steep angle adds a higher resistance and, consequently, is more difficult to work with. Similarly, a wider angle is easier to make and more suitable for beginners.

Bench Abs
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1.Lie with your back on the bench.

2.Put your feet on the pads of your legs and hold your arms, looking at the ceiling and the crisis. When you calculate up, lift the shoulders off the bench, which ensures that you do not lift your lower back from the bench.

3.Hold this position for 30 seconds. Lower and return to the starting position. Controlled movements are the key to strengthening the muscles of the base, such as the lateral abdominal and oblique.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

Abs the wheel

At first glance, the ABS wheel seems simple enough to work with. However, there is much more to him than meets the eye. It looks like a small stand on wheels that can cling to each side.

1.To perform the exercise, down on your hands and knees.

2.Hold the abs steering wheel and roll yourself forward to form a straight line (raise the knees off the floor and contract the abdominal muscles.) Hold this position for 30 seconds. The use of the abdominal muscles, (and not the back or side) pull back to the starting position. E ‘extremely effective in strengthening the muscles of the base, the upper and lower abdomen, obliques, lower back, arms, shoulders, waist, thighs, and legs.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

Oscillation Abs

The swing Abs is one of those cars that have been constantly challenged about. Does it work or is it just another exercise machine that you should cancel? Any type of fitness equipment, when combined with exercises to burn fat and a proper diet will show results. The oscillating abs have a pin seat with handles on both sides and are meant to work the upper and lower half.

1.Sit on the seat and tighten your feet with straps on the bottom.

2.Focus on the lower abs and contract by pulling the knees towards the chest. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then lower your legs. The abs swing works the abs, the obliques and the top side strengthens the lower back.

Stability Ball

Although the ball of stability is not exactly a “machine”, it is one of the most effective equipment for toning the torso. The ball of stability is a rubber ball and huge inflatable that is used for different purposes, ranging from strengthening the core muscles and increasing the balance to improve posture, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Stability Ball
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1.Sit on the ball as you would sit on a chair, with your feet on the floor. If you have never used a stability ball before this requires a bit of practice, “since it is difficult to maintain balance on the ball.

2.Place the arms behind the head and lower again. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then go back up, contracting the muscles. The stability ball will improve and develop the abdominal muscles.

Bosu Balance Trainer

As well as the ball of stability, the balance trainer Bosu (or Bosu Bola) is presented as a stability ball, cut in half and placed on a platform. Both parts can be used for training. One of the most common and effective abdominal exercises in the Bosu ball is the plank.

1.Place the ball down and position yourself on a table with your elbows resting on the platform and your body straight.

2.Suck on the stomach and keep your heart tight. Hold this position for 20 seconds. The Bosu ball makes the usual plank more difficult because you have to work harder to maintain balance, working the abdominals cross muscles, obliques, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and.


The rowing machine has been designed to replicate rowing with mechanical outdoor oars on both sides.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

1.Sitting on the sliding seat, users have to row with two oars. The strength and speed can be adjusted, therefore, work for each muscle group in the body.

2.The rowing movement consists of four movements: capture, transmission, and finishing the recovery. During each of these movements, you work your legs, shoulders, arms, back muscles, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. The best part is that the core is dedicated to all the features that the rower performs.

3.Increase the resistance to feel the contraction.

Pull-ups or chin-up bar

Did you know that a simple bar can be used to tone abdominal muscles? You might think that with the pull-up bar only build the torso, arms, and back. However, the pull-up bars offer an intense routine that strengthens and develops the lower, upper and oblique muscles. When using a pull-up bar, one of the best abdominal exercises is the scissor kick.

Pull-ups or chin-up bar
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1.Hold on to the bar, raise your right leg in a straight line so that it is parallel to the ground.

2.As you lower your right leg, raise your left leg at the same time. Therefore, imitating the movement of a scissor. This exercise works the lower abdominal rectus, obliques, pecs, biceps and.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

President of the captain

President of the Captain is an exercise machine with backrest and armrest in suspension on both sides. As in the pull-up bar, the weight is suspended in the arms, with the back firmly to the back and the feet of the floor.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

1.A simple abdomen exercise that can be performed on the captain’s chair is to bend the knees and raise the standard of living. During the execution of the exercise, you have to make sure you do not move your upper body and you are consciously contracting the abdomen.

2.Like the pull-up bar, this machine works the obliques, and the pelvis.

Foam Roller

The foam roller is a versatile exercise. Although it was originally used to relieve muscle stiffness and tension, it has been adapted as a tool to strengthen muscles. The foam roller is a total body training tool that helps tone the muscles of the base, such as the arms, thighs, and abdomen. Due to its shape, it is used to strengthen the core muscles and improve balance. For your abdomen, you can run the following year with a foam roller.

1.Lie on your back and keep the roller below the knees.

2.Keep your hands by your side and raise your knees to your chest.

3.Hold this position for 10 seconds and return. Complete 10 repetitions. This crisis of change with a foam roller is effective in firming and developing the lower abdominals.


Kettlebells are the weights that are used for weight training. With a handle on top that looks like a cross between a dumbbell and a cannonball. A kettlebell exercise that specifically targets the abdominal muscles is the Kettlebell Windmill.Abs training machines are good for getting Abs.

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1.Stand with your feet apart, hold the kettlebell with your left hand.

2.Lift the kettlebell over your head and turn your torso to the right.

3.Involve the muscles of the left side. After 10 repetitions, change sides. This specific exercise involves the entire nucleus, the obliques.




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