Add a bit of drama to your interior design with these three elements

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Over the recent years, people have usually been looking for light and spacious houses, but if your favorite childhood movie was The Addams Family and you’ve always dreamed about having a mansion like theirs, this article was created especially for you. Today we’ll talk about how to create a dark and mysterious interior design that would transform your house into your safe space while also making it stand apart from all the basic ones down the street.

Dark wallpaper

If you want to make a truly big change in order for your house to really fit your personality, start with painting your walls or buying wallpaper of a dark color. The dark wallpaper will add contrast and emotion to your house while increasing the level of intimacy at the same time, which makes it perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, and dining room. However, dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, as there are plenty of other shades such as deep green, ocean blue, brown, or gray that you can consider. There is a popular misconception that these colors will make the room appear smaller and while it might be true in case of the rooms that are indeed small, if you have a big home surface then you have nothing to worry about.

Door knockers

The front door is the very first thing that a guest sees when entering the house, and nothing screams drama more than a vintage door knocker. This small yet important detail will add character to your house, making it seem elegant and graceful. Victorian door knockers or those inspired by antique designs such as the Celtic motifs are the most suitable décor elements for your entryway.  If a lion head or a gargoyle is too basic for you, pick a Celtic door knocker in a vintage style made of brass or pewter decorated with symbols that bring luck such as the shamrock. To make it even more special for your family, choose a door knocker with an engraved blessing that would not only beautify but also protect your home.


When you have dark walls, the decorations that you decide to hang on them become one of the focal points of the room and they can make or break your whole interior design. Make sure to choose art pieces that make the color pop against the darker background, for example gold, bronze, and red. Plants can also create a beautiful contrast and add vividity to your room, especially if they’re hanging plants that you can put on the wall. Candles are another crucial element of a gloomy atmosphere. When going for a dark and moody interior design aesthetic, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to ignore the sources of lightning in your room. Candles come in handy not only because they provide the said lightning, but also because they can be the source of a lingering musk, pine, or forest scent.

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