Bedroom color : How gray can make your room brighter

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Especially in combination with white you will achieve amazing effects. It offers many more possibilities than you expect. Although gray is often associated with sad aspects of life, it is an essential neutral color to decorate. Why? For its versatility and the great possibility of combinations that it offers. If you opt for it you will get different effects, from subtle to groundbreaking or dramatic. We discover the best ideas to decorate your bedroom color in white and gray.

Visual lightness

In bedrooms where it is necessary to increase the sensation of luminosity and amplitude . It will provide a calm atmosphere and an environment that will invite relaxation and rest.Bedroom color

Game of contrasts.

When the entrance of natural light is abundant and you enjoy a spacious room.  We can dare with shades of dark gray, as long as we mitigate this color with large doses of more refined white in other elements such as bedding, curtains and other accessories.Bedroom color

Compensated elements.

A bedroom decorated in white for the most part can cause a feeling of inhospitable emptiness, so if we paint the main wall in gray we will get a more sophisticated atmosphere with a special touch. On the other hand, if the space is reduced or lacks the necessary luminosity it is best to paint the wall of the window; being placed against the light will not reduce the space clarity.Bedroom color

Luminosity and elegance

The white color exudes purity and serenity, making it one of the most suitable colors to decorate a bedroom. It is the perfect choice for small, dimly lit spaces because it reflects up to 80 percent of the light. If we add small doses of gray we will achieve a sense of elegance, one of the main characteristics of the chromatic range of grays.Bedroom color

Look in gray.

When decorating a space of reduced size, the most daring can opt for a monochromatic scheme in different ranges of grays, as long as they are rooms that have many hours of natural light during the day as those oriented to the south-southwest.Bedroom color

Materials in equilibrium

The gray and white binomial can go beyond the walls. Many materials approach these tonalities in their original form. Concrete is one of these options, ideal to achieve an industrial cutting environment. To compensate for the coldness of this material we recommend playing with warmer textures and finishes, natural fabrics such as cotton or white linen. Bedroom color is important.  Bedroom color


A wall perpendicular to the entrance of natural light painted in a dark gray and decorated with a mirror will multiply the sensation of luminosity and space.


To bring a touch of extra warmth to a bedroom decorated with these tones, we can combine it with natural materials in the furniture or the floor, such as wood, vegetable fibers and upholstered pieces in soft textures such as velvet.Bedroom color


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