The 10 best Android antivirus

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The threats on Android are getting bigger and more dangerous. If you want to prevent your mobile from getting infected with a virus, the best thing you can do is download some of the best Android antiviruses and start enjoying the protection you need for your terminal or tablet. you should select the best Android antivirus.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

best Android antivirus

In my opinion, this app to fight against the viruses that work through Android is one of the most complete at this time. And not only stands out for being complete but for updating each time to offer the best possible protection and especially for being completely free.

Its operation is very simple. You can have it activated at all times, or you can use it every so often to make sure that your phone has not been infected with any virus. I recommend this last option to save resources of the terminal and above all avoid that the battery runs out quickly because the program has to be running continuously. you should select the best Android antivirus.


best Android antivirus

Another really interesting antivirus for your Android phone or tablet. This antivirus has received many awards as the best antivirus, proving that we are talking about a high-quality product.

It is an application that will examine all the corners of the terminal to avoid that the virus can hide and infect the mobile at any time. In addition, it is updated automatically so you do not have to worry about anything and you can enjoy a 100% clean mobile.


best Android antivirus

If you download this antivirus you may have the feeling that it will not offer good protection because of its outdated design. But do not get carried away by its design because it is very complete and will defend your Android terminal very well. But despite being very complete it is completely free and you will not have to subscribe to anything, which makes it a great alternative to taking into account. You can perform an analysis in the background, filtering the websites you visit … all to make your mobile healthy. you should select the best Android antivirus.

360 security

best Android antivirus

This application is one of the most used worldwide and today has more than 200 million users who defend themselves from external threats with this antivirus.

The average score of the program is 4.3 out of 5, showing that it is an application that is giving very good opinions and that is updated every time to face the challenges of the new viruses that are created and attacked through the Android system. Do not forget that its operation is very simple, so you will not have problems controlling it.

Norton Security and Antivirus

best Android antivirus

To begin, it must be made clear that it has two versions. One free and one paid. As you can imagine, the free one is much more light than the one for payment, although it will also give you a good protection without having to spend money. you should select the best Android antivirus.

Among other options, you can use the phone lock system through SMS to prevent other people from using your mobile phone if you lose it. And of course, the program will examine your mobile and tell you if you have any type of virus and then delete it whenever you can detect it.

Androhelm Mobile Security

best Android antivirus

Another totally free and free option that will help you to have your mobile or tablet always protected against the viruses that enter through the different applications that we download.

It stands out for having a great power, hence you can make a scan of your website quickly so you can be sure that everything is working correctly. Do not forget that it is an app that already has more than 100 million users. This shows that it is giving very good results, especially if we see its rating, which is also very positive and higher than 4.

McAfee Security and Power Booster

best Android antivirus

This application comes from the hand of one of the largest security companies in the world. This is a point that should make you think that we are talking about a product of very good quality. Among other things, it will offer you the option to find your device in case of loss or theft, antivirus, privacy protection, security, Intel security and really good performance. This means that if you want a very good protection this application is surely one of your great tools. Without forgetting that it is very easy to manage and you can install it quickly on your mobile to start enjoying its benefits. you should select the best Android antivirus.


best Android antivirus

Another really complete option through which you can enjoy many more things than a good antivirus. That is, with this application you can enjoy a good antispyware, a good mobile tracker in case of loss, a locator and all accompanied by a good anti-theft system. you should select the best Android antivirus.

One of the things that encourage me to recommend this antivirus is that it has an assessment of 4.4 points out of 5, which very few antivirus applications have obtained. Without forgetting that every few months it is updated to get good protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security

best Android antivirus

It is a less known option than the options that I have presented previously, but in spite of this, it is a very good solution to offer a good antivirus security to the mobile. Without forgetting that it is totally free.

With this application, you can enjoy good protection when it comes to protecting your personal data, without forgetting that you can fight directly against the latest viruses and Trojans that have been released on Android thanks to its continuous updates. This is causing more and more users around the world to want to enjoy their protection. you should select the best Android antivirus.

Cm Security

best Android antivirus

Before starting I want to make it clear that this app has more than 100 million downloads worldwide, thanks in part to the fact that it is of good quality and above all it is totally free.

Among other advantages, with this application you can enjoy a totally private browsing, use the app lock system to hide private chats that you do not want third parties to see, avoid intrusive selfies and enjoy high-quality layer protection.

This makes it normal to be a great complement to have another good antivirus and get the Android phone is fully protected.

Tips to download the best Android antivirus

Protect your Android phone or tablet is vital if you want it to continue to work perfectly. But when it comes to downloading an app with antivirus it is important that you do not download the first one that you find in Google play, but you must take into account the following tips to be sure that you will enjoy a good application.

First of all, you must be clear if you want to have a free or paid app. Keep in mind that the payment usually tends to be more complete, but with a free, you can enjoy a good security, especially if you bet to use one of the applications that I have recommended at the top. you should select the best Android antivirus.

In order to have a good security, it is important that before downloading the application you read the opinions of other people. So you can see if the application is really good or has defects instead. In the latter case, look for another that does not have those defects. The important thing is that it offers you a good security so you can have the peace of mind that your mobile is safe.

If the app is going to install it in the mobile, it can be interesting if it has other extras such as protection against intruders or a mobile location system so you can find the terminal in case of loss or theft. Do not forget that if you do not dare to go and look for it, you can always give the information to the police to find it and recover it.

If you download an antivirus app and you realize that it is not easy to use, do not hesitate and delete it to download one that is easy to understand and use. A good application should allow you to be able to make revisions whenever you want or give you the option to do the review every X time. The important thing is that it suits your needs.

And do not forget that in the market there are many options to choose from. Sometimes it can be interesting that you use two applications to get better security and get one to complement the other. Keep in mind that the important thing is that your Android system is as protected as possible. And for this it is important that the application is updated every few months to update the antivirus system. you should select the best Android antivirus.

Finally, it is important that the weight of the application is not very high and therefore does not consume much data. It is important to get a good combination between system use and application quality. Do not forget that if you bet on a free application you will always have the option to change it at any time.


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