The 8 best farewell destinations

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One of the best moments you can enjoy with your friends before you get married is to have a bachelor  party. If you have in mind to leave aside the usual parties in your city and want to go through all the big things, in this list you will find what you are looking for, the best destinations for farewells in which you will have an infinity of activities for all pleasures. you should select  the best farewell destinations.


best farewell destinations

To begin, we want to talk about a place that seems perfect for a different bachelor party and is that farewell ValenciaThey have a sensational charm. Not only do we speak for the perfect climate that exists in this land, which you can take advantage of the Mediterranean as you had never imagined, with all kinds of activities both festive and cultural, since it is a city that you will love. Also those who are looking for a little adventure, can enjoy bachelor parties with outdoor activities and nature that take place in the area of ​​Venta del Moro, a destination that everyone will appreciate and get disconnected from everything, giving a much more intimate touch to the farewell that you are going to give or your friend or your friend, as it moves away from the usual that we are used to seeing, being able to connect better the group that you have been.  you should select  the best farewell destinations.

In Valencia there are incredible places to do a different, original farewell and that with total security you will enjoy everyone, as well as a good environment making descents of rivers, and other outdoor activities and adventure, at night also You can go out, because it has places to enjoy the night and the most interesting of all, which have a very low cost, so you will have a great time in every way, being very close to other important cities like Madrid.


best farewell destinations

Another of the most interesting destinations when it comes to your bachelor party is Madrid. It is a place that, to begin with, is very easy to reach since practically all Spanish cities have the possibility of going to this destination in one way or another. It also has many interesting activities, but especially focused on the party and night, being able to enjoy both its streets, its tourist places, its gastronomy and also some other green area in which to spend the day chatting and remembering some adventure that you have all lived together.


best farewell destinations

Another of the most characteristic cities when it comes to making a bachelorette party is in Salamanca. This city has a lot of leisure activities, but above all it is admired for all the march and party that it has in its streets, is one of the places where we will meet more with young people due to the University of Salamanca that counts with a great influx of people who want to study but who are also attracted to the youth and the merriment that is so noticeable in these lands. There are also other activities, but it is well known for the party and also for the possibility of visiting a city with history.  you should select  the best farewell destinations.


best farewell destinations

Possibly it is one of the best farewell destinations for the good weather you usually do in the capital and for everything you can see and do, although if you get married or want to make this celebration in summer time, we will tell you to forget of this, because the temperature tends to rise a lot and if you want to melt on the asphalt, it is what may happen because it will be very hot, however, if you want to take advantage of the first months of spring, or enjoy the fair you will love it. There are many terraces to be at any time, sit to appreciate the good atmosphere of the people or the Andalusian cuisine, simply delicious.


best farewell destinations

Andalusia has a host of activities and wonderful places to go, and on this occasion we also want to select the famous Costa del Sol, where you will live some incredible experiences with your friends in your bachelor or single, as well as You can enjoy the fair that is in Malaga and that has an incredible acceptance, especially the one that takes place in Calle Larios, to then go to the venue, although if you prefer you can even go to the beach. Everything is in this land that has conquered the world so much.  you should select  the best farewell destinations.

The Canary Islands

best farewell destinations

Although they are somewhat further away and you have to visit them by means of a boat or a plane, the Canary Islands are one of the tourist attractions to rest as well as to live new adventures in a farewell. Its climate is exceptional, being a land where the sun almost always shines and you will have a great time with its terraces on the beach, its beach bars or even your excursions. If what you are interested in is partying, then you have to go to Gran Canaria or Tenerife, since these will not disappoint you even for a moment and you will be able to live the party of your life.


best farewell destinations

Barcelona is among the best destinations for having practically everything for the enjoyment of leisure. It has an excellent time, which will make you happy, especially when it comes to organizing your trip at any time because you will not have to be aware of the weather. On the other hand, in addition to the most important nightclubs in the country, you also have a beach or gastronomic tourism, or places where a party can go wild with cities like the well-known Salou on the Costa Dorada. If you like strong emotions, dare to ride in the attractions of Port Aventura.  you should select  the best farewell destinations.


best farewell destinations

To finish we did not want to leave this area of ​​the map without dedicating one of the best tourist attractions for parties and to enjoy a good bachelor party different from what is usually seen. In this area, you can find pubs and clubs with which to have a great time with friends, but also, if you’re a good food, live an authentic seafood like you’ve never done before, trying products from the land that will take away your sense. For those who want to live an unforgettable experience, we recommend that you visit the Cies Islands in spring or summer, because they will know a beautiful natural environment, very similar to the one that can be seen in tropical islands. you should select  the best farewell destinations.

Tips for choosing the best farewell destination

The best destinations for farewells have some similarities that we want you to know, as we will also give you the possibility to select the one that best suits your needs. In this guide, in addition to advising you, we want to advise you so that you can follow step by step what you should do before making your farewell.

In the first place, you have to see exactly how many people are going to go to the farewell, since it will not be the same to gather a group of about 5 people, to gather 20 people in one place, so it is important, both the time to take a hotel reservation or an activity, although as a rule, the usual is that they are an average of 10 people and no more, because these parties are usually invited to the people closest to those colleagues and friends who have been at your side at all times and who deserve to enjoy these holidays.

Second, you have to know that Spanish destinations are the best you can go to, not only because the trip is going to be much cheaper and you will improve tourism in the area you go to, but because you can count on everything the necessary thing, from parties and discotheques, green places in which to be able to do outdoors activities enjoying the good atmosphere and the Spanish climate, as well as to enjoy the gastronomy, something that you will hardly find in other countries and that in the end, however much want, you will miss a good feast like the one in our bars and restaurants with tapas of all kinds.

It is important when choosing a tourist destination for your farewell, that this has everything you like and that is also something different, being able to do several activities on a weekend. For example, if you go to Valencia, you can do cultural activities, since the city has a lot of charm and monuments that can make you passionate, but you can also enjoy rafting with friends in Venta del Moro, but you can also enjoy a few kilometers, but You will also have night tourism with good pubs and nightclubs as well as shopping centers in which to buy, or beaches where you can catch some color. If you go to this destination, for example, you will have a wide assortment that if for example, you go to another less important destination and where only what you are going to do is go to a party or a disco, an activity that if you think about it,


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