The 8 best Huawei phones

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Do you want to be able to enjoy a mobile phone with all the features of the high-end, but paying very little for it? You must know the best Huawei phones in the market that we bring to you in this comparison, large terminals with Premium features, but with a reduced price, ideal for all budgets.

Huawei P8 Lite

best Huawei phones

We can say that the model P8 Lite is the SUV of the Huawei family, with millions of terminals sold, and with a price well below what we can usually find. It has a high-quality rear camera of 13 MPx that makes high-quality photographs. In addition, you can take pictures at night thanks to its LED flash. Its processor has 8 cores that work at 1.2 GHz, moving the main applications without any problem. You will have DUAL SIM and the Android operating system Lollipop factory. A terminal with a decent screen, and with which you can take a long time responding to perfection.

Huawei P10 Lite

best Huawei phones

A much more superior model in features is the Huawei P10 Lite, fulfilling all the demands of the most critical users. Although the rear camera is 12 Mpx, its focus and its quality and sharpness are perfect, having rivaled the most Top terminals of the moment. With a conservative design, it keeps the lines but is capable of presenting a battle in resistance and durability. It has an 8-core processor, 4 of them working at 1.7 GHz and another four at 2.1 GHz, which guarantees that you can manage games and emulators for Android perfectly, with a tremendous ease in graphics.

Huawei P9 lite

best Huawei phones

In the middle of the table we analyze the Huawei P9 Lite, a mobile that the most conservative will appreciate and, although its lines are elegant, it lacks some personality in the aspect. However, when we look at the features better, it responds in a sensational way, with a 5.2-inch IPS screen, a HiSilicon Kirin 650 processor and a battery that will last you all day with average use. Both cameras, one of 13 MPx and another of 8 MPx make some great photos, with great clarity and with several interesting functions like the built-in Beauty Mode. For a very cheap price, you will get a very good mobile phone with a fingerprint sensor that works like a charm.

Huawei P10

best Huawei phones

Although we have already analyzed the light version of the P10, those who want a mobile that has everything necessary to resist a continued use and that does not change, we have the P10. This version is one of the most powerful that Huawei has, since it has a good screen resolution, with 432 PPI, which makes it look perfectly, even if you want to watch series or movies on it. Its processor is a Kirin 960 with 8 cores working at 2.4 GHz half, while the other half will do 1.8 GHz offering you all the potential that only a high range can offer you.

Huawei Y6 2017

best Huawei phones

We enter the best Huawei phones that you can buy if you are looking for a very cheap and basic model. It is true that not everyone seeks to fill applications with a mobile and only wants it for the usual messaging. The Y6 2017 improves what we had found in the previous version, with a somewhat changed design, but much more attractive and a 5-inch screen for it, although it has a processor that operates at 1.4 GHz. Its cameras are also of a basic quality but to take photos and upload them to social networks or share them you will find a very economical terminal.


best Huawei phones

Let’s now analyze what could be the natural evolution of the Y6, with this version called Y6 II Compact, you will have some improvements, in the end, making it more eye-catching for those who, although they want to have a very basic mobile, can at least feel that it is more fluid and with a rear camera that will take some correct photos. This model is somewhat smaller than the previous one, with a nice design, but its improvements will be seen inside, with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, which can be expanded to 128 GB by means of a micro SD. Its processor is not very powerful with 1.3 GHz, although it will move basic apps easily.

Huawei Y7

best Huawei phones

Arriving at the end of the list of the best Huawei phones we have another one of the low range, although somewhat more sophisticated than the Y6. The Y7 could be said to be the elder brother, although similarly, it falls within the economic models of this brand, counting on what is necessary and thought for people who have the basics in the mobile and much is. You can enjoy Dual Sim, as well as a large screen with 5.5 inches. Best of all, it can be expanded to 256 GB by microSD, an amount that cheaper range phones do not usually work well.

Huawei Mate S

best Huawei phones

With the Huawei Mate S we come to the end that has better features of this listing, both outside and inside we realize that it is a real champion at a very low price if you come to compare with your competitors. The screen is Super AMOLED, with a panel of 5.5 inches FullHD, with which you can see everything with clarity and clarity. It takes the Kirin935 processor with 8 cores running at 2.2 GHz. For those who like mobile devices for the camera, this 13 Mpx is perfect, with a great focus, angular and sensors that make the photo look much higher quality.

Tips to buy the best Huawei phone

Although in the past phones were only used to call and receive messages, currently it is intended that they can be more like small computers that can have all the information we need, from the phone book, notes, music and video players, as well as other functions. that make smartphones have occupied such an important place in our lives. So you can choose the best of all the Huawei mobiles, we will give you some tips and tricks so you can buy the best of all or at least the one that best suits your needs.

The first thing that draws our attention to a mobile phone will always be its appearance and especially the touch when we have it in hand. The terminal has to like us, it has to be beautiful, and with the measures we prefer. In general, mobile phones have been inhabited at a size of about 5 inches diagonally, is neither very large nor very small, but for users who want to watch series, movies or games, they will surely need a lot of screens. larger, being the maximum about 6 inches, because when we talk about 7, we are approaching the field of tablets or so-called phablets, which are tablets but to which you can insert a SIM card and therefore, They have phone function but with a size of tablets.

Cheap Huawei phones

Once you have checked the screen, we will talk about the storage capacity. This is also important because in some devices there is a maximum storage that can be inserted by the micro SD, being advisable that you can add at least 126 GB more memory. Although you think that with the basics (which are usually about 32 Gb) you will be covered, you have to remember that the applications that you are installing, the images and videos that you get from social networks are stored inside the mobile phone, as if you want to add music or other multimedia files, in less than what you think you will have everything full of files that will occupy a lot of space.

The next thing will be the RAM, having to have at least a minimum of 2 GB, it is true that currently, they continue to get economic phones with 1 GB, but these end up running very slowly and in the end they become a heaviness, so we advise you to Although they can leave something more expensive look over 2 GB.

Another essential part of a mobile is its processor. Huawei has almost all its terminals , but depending on the power and the number of cores will work more or better. To be simple and understandable to everyone, it is advisable that a processor work at least a frequency of 1.6 GHz in general, although as you have seen in this list, there are many that reach 2.2 GHz, these being the terminals high-end or Premium.

Finally, a section that should be given importance is the battery. Although we can think that the amount of mah manages to make the mobile will last much longer, are other factors that determine these points, such as the performance of the CPU of the device, as well as other factors, such as the software used. Even if you have a Smartphone that has more than 3000 mah, you have to check that its performance is optimal and that the quality of the graphics, in addition to the temperature at which you work, will make this energy is used effectively or, on the contrary, in less than what you expect to find yourself plugging in the phone again. It is preferable to find a balance in this regard, which gives you security and durability. Another point, but you will only find in high-end terminals is fast charging,


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