The best 7 ion brushes

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If you are in the situation of wanting to buy the best ion brush, you are in the right place. Before making the article I have made a search of the ionic brushes that are in the market and after assessing their pros and cons I have stayed with the following.

Ionic brush with natural bristles Braun ion brush

The benefits of this ion brush will see you from the first pass. If you brush your hair with it, you will notice that your hair starts to take on a really nice shine, thanks to the fact that it acts quickly. That is, the ionic difference is noted from the first pass.

To this we must add a great smoothness in each pass thanks to its 100% natural bristles. Do not forget that cleaning is very simple through its removable pad.

And so you can have total freedom of movement, the brush works with 2 rechargeable batteries.

Braun Ionic Brush to enhance hair shine ion brush

Another option presented by the Braun brand to increase the shine of our hair is this. It really is very similar to the previous one, only that in this case the shine is achieved through artificial bristles. I can assure you that at the time of brushing your hair you will notice a great softness at all times, without forgetting that the hair will go taking shine.

To prevent the batteries with which it runs out quickly, it has an automatic shut-off function. This will save energy and you can enjoy the benefits of the brush for longer without having to recharge the batteries.

Ionic brush Anjou ion brush

If your goal is to get a prettier and above all smoother hair, this option of negative ions will adapt very well to your needs. Moreover, it does its job very well, regardless of whether the hair is dry or wet.

To achieve a proper smoothing, it is plugged into the light and has a ceramic plate that can be heated to different temperatures. You can set the temperature that most interests you in each moment of the hairstyle. And to avoid turning it off involuntarily, it has a lock button, so you can comb your hair more freely.

Ionic Straightening Brush AsaVea ion brush

Through its powerful ceramic plate, make your hair much smoother. It must be said that this option will not show you the results at the first pass, but you will have to make several passes to realize that your hair begins to smooth as you were looking.

What I can tell you is that it has an anti-burn system. This means that you can comb your hair with total security and the comb will not burn your scalp.

And although it is one of the cheapest models that we are going to find, it includes a small gift bag, a really interesting detail.

Babyliss antistatic ionic brush ion brush

This antistatic ion brush I like a lot because it has a very competitive price and at all times offers the results for which it has been manufactured.

If you have the problem of having a very electrified hair, you just have to buy this antistatic brush and you will see how the electricity of your hair begins to disappear. In this way the probability that the hair will stay “peak” will be lower. And if you are one of the people who can not stand having to notice with each brush as electricity circulates through your hair, with this brush you will stop having that problem.

And as its size is small, you can always take it with you to eliminate static electricity that is achieved throughout the day.

Ionic brush Yahari ion brush

With this brush model you will not only get a good hairstyle, but you can also enjoy a very good quality ion diffuser through which you will start to see the results from the first moment.

As is usually normal, it is very easy to use and has some tips of great resistance that will make you enjoy brush for many years. And so you can enjoy its benefits, it has been manufactured with a double ion cannon.

Of course, you should know that this model works with two AAA batteries. It also has a small led indicator that will indicate the status of the recharge to charge the batteries when they have low charge and thus always have the brush operating.

Ionic brush Rowenta ion brush

To finish I want to talk to you about a brush that has given me very good results and that really keeps giving them to me because I keep using it.

Personally through this ion brush I always get a very soft and shiny hair, so I feel happy using it.

The only thing I could give you is that you have to plug it into the light in order to heat the plate, but for the rest my opinion is satisfactory. Keep in mind that the brush can be heated up to 210º to achieve a perfect smoothing, but with the advantage that it has a security system against burns. This is possible thanks to its ceramic bristles.

It really is a very good and very easy to use brush variety. I recommend it because you will notice its benefits from the first minute.

Tips to buy the best ion brush

There are several brands and ionic brushes that we can find in the market. But if you want to buy the best model, I recommend taking into account its characteristics to have the security of being able to make a good purchase.

The first thing you have to consider is whether the ion brush works through batteries or connected to the light . In turn, once the brush has been loaded, it will be time to use it, remembering that the sound will be almost imperceptible, that is, it is practically as if you were combing with a comb of a lifetime, but with the advantage to enjoy its benefits. And remember, its operation is very simple. You just have to light the brush and comb it. Technology will do the rest of the work in your hair.

When buying a quality model, you should bear in mind that the design in this case does matter . Not only should it be beautiful, but it should be light and practical to achieve a simple hairstyle. Do not buy a model that is complicated to use because it will complicate your life unnecessarily.

The tines of the comb can be of different types. Usually they are made of plastic or ceramic, but sometimes we can also find them natural and thus achieve more professional results. The natural barbs I recommend especially for people who have fine and delicate hair.

It can also be a good time to see if the brush has some kind of extra accessory. And do not forget that you can buy the best cheap ionic brush online. Although if you do not want to play and you want to buy a brush that offers a good quality price, the best thing is that you bet on buying one of the models that I have recommended at the top.


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