The 10 best multimedia hard drives

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If you want to see what you want, when you want and without advertising, then it will be very useful to buy a good multimedia hard drive. As in the market, there are many options to choose from, I show you the best options in my opinion.

Honey Bar multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

I start talking about a multimedia player that will allow you to see your content with a resolution to Full HD. You can enjoy a good quality image, while you can connect to your television through an HDMI.

The internal hard drive is 2Tb, that is, you can save a large amount of content inside. And if you run out small, it also has an Sd card reader.

The control can be easily taken through its remote control and get the sound through its optical connection.

Agptek multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

Through this simple multimedia system, you can see all the contents on your TV or even play games in a simple way. This model does not have an internal hard disk, so you will have to connect a pen or a memory card.

Once you have connected what you want to play, through your remote control it will be very easy to manage it. You can also manage the files or even zoom in on them to see them better. It supports almost all formats.

Jaytech multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

It’s a very curious hard drive. It comes without a hard drive, so you have to add it. This makes the price of the machine more economical. On the other hand, you must bear in mind that the hard disk may be of any capacity, so you will set the limit.

It also includes wifi connection to send and receive data, without forgetting that you can have a great control of the multimedia system through its simple remote control.

The image quality that you will enjoy good, thanks to its Full HD playback option, without forgetting that it also includes a DTT tuner. As you see, it’s complete.

Synology J Series Multimedia Hard Drive  multimedia hard drive

It is a tool that you can buy in different capacities. What I can assure you is that it will give you a good function as a multimedia system.

With this device, you will not only be able to see your movies and photos recorded on your hard drive, but you will be able to do many more things. For example, you can control the surveillance of the house, join it to a file system in the cloud, create a multimedia library, use it as a DLNA server … you can really use it for many purposes. In addition, the connection with the TV is very simple, so in this aspect, you will not have to complicate your life.

Multimedia hard drive Western Digital my Passport  multimedia hard drive

This hard drive is very complete and very well priced. Depending on your needs, you can choose between the option of 1Tb or 500gb.

It has many options, although one of the most remarkable is the option to record from the TV, as long as it includes this option. It is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections, that is, it is really updated. While the reproductions will do them without problems. It is a model specially designed for multimedia content.

Cobra multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

Through this economic option, you can see your content at a maximum resolution Full HD. As you can imagine, all the contents you can see without problems, as long as they have a good image quality.

Inside you can include a hard disk of up to 1tb capacity, as long as it is 2.5 “. And for more control, you can add a wireless keyboard, memory card or USB. The only thing that I would give to this model is that it does not have wifi. For the rest, it can be a great alternative for your interests.

Sveon multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

It really is a  player and recorder through which you can do many other things if you connect a pen of memory. It can have a maximum capacity of 4tb, if it is higher it cannot read it.

With this simple device, you can record without problems at a resolution of up to 1080p. But you can play content with a Full HD resolution through different formats. It has a great compatibility when it comes to playing. And for more control, it includes a remote control and instructions so you can learn how to handle it quickly.

Mede8er multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

Even though the brand is little known, I can assure you that it will give you good results.

The first thing that caught my attention when I tried it was its remote control, which lights up. It is very interesting if we want to use it at night.

It has a large number of services such as BitTorrent transmission, web services, YouTube, browser … that is, quite complete for the price it has.

The multimedia player has a good image and sound output, being the HD sound, accompanied by Dolby True HD technology so that the experience in viewing the contents is of higher quality.

Multimedia hard drive with Android tv multimedia hard drive

If you want to have a world of possibilities, I recommend buying an Android TV like this.

This option has an internal memory of 8GB and 2GB of ram. If we add a very complete interior, I assure you that you can install a lot of Android applications. You can even install Kodi if you wish. When you have everything installed and through your remote control, you can have a multimedia system full of opportunity. You can watch movies, photos, play … everything you want to do can be done without blockages and for an almost laughable price. One of the best options today.

And as it has little internal memory, you have the option of including a micro SD to extend it.

Fantec multimedia hard drive  multimedia hard drive

To finish the list, I want to present a hard drive that has been designed to play content with 4k image quality without problems or jerks.

The same can be connected to your home wifi to receive data and play the contents.

And if you want to burn things inside, then you’ll have to install a 3.5 “hard drive.  since it has Android, you can also install Android applications so you can see everything, it even supports Kodi. And for good management, it includes a good command.

Why buy a multimedia hard drive?

The consumption of content has changed radically. Now we want to see anything, at any time and without publicity, hence multimedia hard drives are increasingly in demand.

In order to see these contents, we have two options. See them in streaming or download them for when we want without problems. Here is how to download free movies in a simple and fast way.

When buying a multimedia hard drive, it is important to look at the remote. The control will be our great ally when it comes to operating this device, so it must be easy to operate.

In order to enjoy a good experience, you have to take into account the capacity of the hard drive and how you can play the contents. If you listen to me, today models with Wi-Fi are the best. Not only because you can download, but also because in many cases you can see streaming content when and how you want, such as Netflix, Kodi … among many other options. And to not complicate life much, it can be a good option to buy a model that works through Android, so the world of possibilities will be high.

If you are clear that you also want to record content directly from the television, you have to make sure that the model you are going to buy has the option to decode the DTT and later record it. I say this because there are models that can record television, but always with the help of TV.

Finally, when you have the multimedia hard drive installed in your living room or room, you will see how content consumption habits will change radically. This means that you will stop watching live TV in a traditional way, in favor of watching the content whenever you want.

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