The 9 best paddle blades

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The paddle is becoming a very important sport that every time has more players. If you are also or want to be a player, I recommend buying one of the best paddle blades.

Head Ultimate Paddle Shovelpaddle blades

I start the list by recommending a shovel that will give you very good results when playing your favorite sport. It stands out for having a good quality price and for its round design. If we add that it is very versatile, you can be sure that you will feel very comfortable with the shovel. Do not forget that with it you can have a good control of the ball and enjoy a good exit from the ball.

As it has been manufactured with carbon fiber, I can assure you that it is perfect for any player, regardless of their level of play. you should buy the best paddle blades.

Paddle shovel Vibor-a Mamba paddle blades

This model of teardrop shovel will allow you to enjoy a special game style and is perfect for people of medium or higher level.

It has very good quality materials, so it is worth making this small investment and enjoys the shovel. Among them, we can highlight coal or fiberglass among others.

If to this we add that its design is very beautiful, I can conclude that it is a highly recommended shovel.

Paddle tennis Dunlop Titan 16 paddle blades

This paddle is one of the favorites for advanced paddle players, but you should know that thanks to its design and its low weight can be used by any player without problems to improve their game. And it sounds like a lie, but the quality of the game can vary greatly depending on the blade that is used. That is why this model is selling very well.

It has an exclusive oversize mold to achieve a superior hitting surface and to improve the power of the hit has a Mega Flex 38mm core without your wrist is resent when making the stroke. you should buy the best paddle blades.

Bullpadel X Compact Paddle Shovel paddle blades

This model of shovel has been designed for players of the medium or advanced level, without forgetting that it has a very good quality price.  If we add that it has a really nice design, the conclusion is that it is one of my favorite blades at the moment.

This blade stands out for being control in round shape and with a very tight weight of only about 360 grams. As for his profile is very good to be 38 mm, hence your game will improve. Do not forget that it has a carbon fiber frame and a core of Eva. As a whole, we see that the blade is of high quality.

Paddle tennis Dunlop Revolution paddle blades

This shovel is one of the most sold and one of the most I see when I’m going to play this sport. And it is normal, we speak of a very complete shovel, with a very interesting design and above all for nothing expensive, hence many people want to have it in their possession.

It is a model that can be used by any type of player, even by the most advanced thanks to its good characteristics.

Among other things, I must emphasize its oversize molding and its high-quality core. Thanks to this you can enjoy great control and an interesting beating. Moreover, it also has the Comfort Zone technology to avoid vibrations and thus prevent the wrists from resenting each stroke. you should buy the best paddle blades.

Paddle shovel Adidas Essex Carbon control 1.17  paddle blades

Another spectacular shovel with a sweet spot that offers good hitting power and good control.

This model I like because it has been manufactured entirely in carbon fiber through which you can get a really good feeling of hitting. Moreover, thanks to its materials, you can be sure that you will have a shovel for a while because it is very durable to use, even if you use it every day.

Do not forget that this shovel can be used by any player, even by professionals. Of course, I want to emphasize that this blade has no rough surface.

Bullpadel Wing Pro 16 Paddle Shovel paddle blades

If you are looking for a good balance between power and control, with this blade you will achieve it. If we add that it has a very tight weight of 370 grams, this makes the player does not have an extra fatigue for the game.

If we look at their materials, we can see how it has a carbon frame, a Black Eva core and a nylon protector that makes it a shovel that is receiving very good reviews thanks to its combination.

As for the design, it is modern and aggressive, so it can be a way to prove to the contrary that we are going for the game. you should buy the best paddle blades.

Dunlop Omega Women’s Paddle Shovel paddle blades

Through this shovel of woman, you can get to enjoy your favorite sport with a shovel that stands out for having a very cheap price and be of good quality. If you are one of the women who play every so often and you do not intend to play paddle in a professional manner, this model will surely interest you.

It has an oversize shape with a 38 mm profile and a good core. As for its weight, it is only 340 grams, which makes it an interesting shovel.

Wilson Drone Lite Paddle Shovel paddle blades

To finish I want to tell you about this beautiful and aggressive design shovel with which you will be able to win many matches for sure. Personally, I recommend the dark blue, but you can buy this model in different colors according to your taste.

One of the positive points of the model, in addition to its economic price, is its low weight of only 365 grams.

The model manufactured for advanced players has a concentric impact zone and sublime grip. Of course, you must bear in mind that this is the evolution model of the blade of previous generations, hence the quality has improved and therefore you can enjoy a better game experience than before, which was already very good. you should buy the best paddle blades.

Tips to buy the best paddle shovel

When buying a paddle shovel you will realize that choosing a shovel is more complicated than it may seem at first. To help you make the right decision, I recommend you consider the models that I have recommended previously. But also I’ll give you a series of tips so that the decision is appropriate.

To buy the ideal paddle, it is important that you do not get carried away by the design of the paddle, but first of all, you will have to look at the characteristics of the paddle if you do not want to fail in the purchase.

To start you should look at the shape of the shovel. Keep in mind that there are 3 different models in the market:

The diamond-shaped blades have a flattened shape. Since the weight has it towards the head to achieve a high balance, the inertia will be greater than the hit. Do not forget that in this case, the sweet spot will be lower than other models and therefore are less maneuverable. For this reason, this blade variety is always recommended to advanced players looking for power versus balance. you should buy the best paddle blades.

The shovel with a teardrop shape can be said to be the shovel that is in the middle of the 3 designs. This model is more manageable, although in return the force of the blow is reduced somewhat. Of course, I can tell you that in my opinion if you are looking for good power and good control of this blade will be a good alternative.

The round shaped blades stand out for having a lower hitting power in exchange for greater maneuverability. That is why they are shovels that are usually used mainly by initial or mid-level players.

Another important factor in which you must set is the weight of the shovel. You must bear in mind that there is no fixed weight for the blades, so you must choose the model with which you feel most comfortable. The lighter blades will give you greater freedom of movement in exchange for a softer hit. On the other hand, the heavy ones will give you greater strength in hitting the ball, in exchange for having less control. That is, the important thing is to acquire a model appropriate to your style of play.

The hardness of the blade should also look to get a model that really suits your style of play considering if you are a new player, intermediate or advanced level.

And do not forget that through the internet you can always buy the cheap paddle shovel you are looking for. In this case, the blade will be of the quality you are looking for, but in exchange you can enjoy a more competitive price. Do not hesitate, buy your shovel online and you can save enough money to buy more equipment to play the correct way to paddle.


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