The 10 best perfumes for women

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Every woman should always smell good wherever she goes. To smell good, the best thing you can do is to buy the best perfumes for women adapted to your tastes and personality. In order to help you in the task of choice, I’ll show you a list of the most interesting ones.

Versace Bright Crystal Women’s Perfume

best perfumes for women

One of the perfumes that are selling the most during this season is the Versace brand. It has a really nice smell, while its bottle is really beautiful. This makes it as a whole a great option, both as a car purchase and as a gift.

The perfume stands out for having an odor that adequately mixes the woody smell with fresh moisture, which mixes with a fruity and woody tone. This makes it a very interesting option for summer.It is one the best perfumes for women.

Women’s perfume D & G Blue beauty in Capri

best perfumes for women

It is a perfume that delights the vast majority of women, both young and old. What’s more, many women call it under the name of Italy in a bottle.

The smell is really very nice, which will make the people around you very comfortable by your side. Moreover, it can be an interesting perfume to attract any man and make him fall in love.

Of course, it is another perfume that I recommend to use during the spring and summer, without forgetting that it is really very light. And even though the fragrance dates back to 2001, I can assure you that it is a purchase option that will not disappoint you and you will surely repeat it again.

Women’s perfume Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

best perfumes for women

Although many women think that this brand is from older people this is not real. And we can verify it with this wonderful youthful perfume.

With this perfume you can feel like a strong, independent woman who can overcome any goal that can be put in front of her. Do not forget that it is a very durable perfume, so with a little perfume per day will be enough. It is one the best perfumes for women.

Perfume for woman Lancome La Vie est Belle

best perfumes for women

The name of the perfume already tells us that life is beautiful, although with this perfume it will still be more thanks to its wonderful smell. What’s more, I can tell you that it is one of my favorite perfumes.

It has a very pleasant smell which knows how to combine iris and patchouli very well. It is a perfume that I like to use whenever I go to work, without forgetting that it is very durable.

Another thing that I like about perfume is its glass bottle because it seems really beautiful to me.

Perfume for women Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb

best perfumes for women

This perfume water you may never have heard, but I have included it because its smell is very pleasant and it is worth knowing it to be able to enjoy its aroma.

It is a perfect perfume for women who like perfumes with modern and fresh floral touches. Some of these touches are jasmine, bergamot, orchid or rose centifolia. As a whole they have achieved a very pleasant mix that will be perfect for all kinds of events, without forgetting that the perfume has a very competitive price. It is one the best perfumes for women.

Women’s perfume Amazing Grace by Philosophy

best perfumes for women

Knowing new things never hurts. The same thing happened to me with this American perfume that I had never tasted before. But since I tried it, it stayed with me and now it has become one of my favorites. Keep in mind that despite being imported, its price is not very high, so it is worth taking into account.

It stands out for having a very soft, clean and above all very feminine smell. That way you can show that you are a woman of the first. This scent starts with bergamot, has a heart of lily flowers and ends with a very soft and lasting smell where we can see the musk as the protagonist.

Women’s perfume water Yves Saint Laurent Black

best perfumes for women

If you are an active woman and you like to do everything you can, with this perfume you can feel very well accompanied at all times. It has a really nice smell that will open your mind and make you do the things you want without thinking about what others will say. I always use this perfume to feel free and I can assure you that with the post I really feel it.

In this case you will start with a note of pink pepper and orange blossom, passing through a heart of coffee and jasmine that will lift your spirits and a note of vanilla, cedar and patchouli that will make you always smell very good, because the perfume It is very durable. It is one the best perfumes for women.

Perfume for women Thierry Mugler Angel

best perfumes for women

This perfume is usually known under the name of Angel and I can assure you that the name says it all, you can enjoy an impressive smell.

It offers a perfect blend of edible and spicy notes, hence it is a perfume with which you feel very comfortable at any time of the day, both to go to work and to go out to party or take a walk with the family.

If you try it you will realize that it really is a perfume that you will fall in love with from the first moment, hence you will surely want to buy it again. And if this were not enough, it has a really beautiful glass bottle which looks great on any bathroom shelf.

Women’s perfume Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

best perfumes for women

Another scent that I love and could not miss in my list of the best perfumes of the year. It has a very interesting price and has a beautiful bottle. But this is not all, but when you smell it you fall in love, so it will surely become one of your favorite perfumes, because the aroma is very pleasant and light. The only but is that when they spend about 5 hours the smell is lowered a little, although this can be solved by giving you a little extra perfume. It is one the best perfumes for women.

Perfume for woman Michael Kors Sexy Amber


best perfumes for women

Are you looking for a sexy perfume? Look no further because I present one of the best today. It is a perfume that has a very soft and pleasant smell, which will make you not go unnoticed anywhere, so you can say that you will be an irresistible woman. And since it is a very durable perfume, you will have the assurance that it will last you a long time, hence the purchase will be very profitable.



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