The 9 best pikolin mattress

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If you want to buy a quality mattress, it can be a good idea to buy one of the best pikolin mattress . In order to help you with the decision, I recommend you read the following list to be sure of acquiring the best option. you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

Pikolin viscoelastic mattress Apple Compact

best Pikolin mattresses


It is one of the best options today in the market when we want to buy a visco model. This mattress has the advantage that it has a medium hardness, so it adapts quite well to all kinds of people. Without forgetting that since it has the visco function, it will adapt to your sleeping style. It also includes the Strech fabric, which has been shown to increase the comfort of the person who has the luck to rest on the mattress, which makes the next day can rise like new.

Pikolin spring mattress with Visco Pear

best Pikolin mattresses

If you want the combination that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the mattress Visco and springs, this option will adapt very well to your needs. It offers a high comfort, thanks to that it has a medium hardness, at the same time as it records your sleeping style. That is, you can sleep as if you were in heaven.  you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

It has a height of 22cm and is very resistant to use. In addition, so that it lasts longer, it is recommended to turn it over every so often, remembering that we are talking about a double-sided mattress.

It also includes a triple barrier treatment to prevent any appearance of mites, fungi or bacteria.

Pikolin spring mattress model Madrid

best Pikolin mattresses

Now I present to you one of the mattresses of springs with more demand. To begin, I want to make it clear that it has a medium firmness, which means that you can get a good ergonomic posture, which greatly facilitates the reconciliation of sleep. It also includes a Fibercel layer. This layer has been recently developed and stands out for increasing comfort and relaxation when we lie on the mattress. And since it also includes athermal fiber, you can be sure that the temperature will always be pleasant. Moreover, the heat will go away, so you can sleep at ease even on the hottest days. It is not the models that retain heat.

The mattress will allow you to enjoy a total useful surface, thanks to the fact that it includes a core of Normablock springs, one of the best cores today.

pikolin mattress valencia

best Pikolin mattresses

If you are looking for a mattress Pikolin brand, with something harder than the previous model, then you have to bet on this version. It is between medium and high hardness. That is, it is a perfect model for people who are looking for no feeling of weightlessness or sinking when sleeping. you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

It has a really nice touch fabric. Not only will you like it when you touch it with your hand, but you will like it when you touch it with the rest of the body. And as it is a good mattress, it includes the pleasant temperature technology, a triple protection system against fungi and mites, while also including a Confortcel core.

Pikolin Nova mattress with Strech fabric

best Pikolin mattresses

This is the perfect mattress for people who need a mattress that does not put pressure on any part of the body. What’s more, it can be a perfect mattress for articulated beds.

To achieve the comfort you are looking for, the mattress has a special Strech fabric, which is accompanied by a treatment called Sanitized. In combination allow taking the body of the person lying down and get a good relaxation and comfort. It also includes a cellular composition of Confortcel. This system is a plus that allows improving blood circulation.

Pikolin Rialto Mattress

best Pikolin mattresses

Now I present a perfect mattress for people who are overweight and need a really strong mattress to support their weight. It has been designed to be able to easily withstand weights of up to 140kg, thanks in part to the fact that it is a very high firmness model. you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

To get hold of that weight, it includes a core of Normablock Extra firm springs. This core being more resistant is able to hold the weight without problems, which means that it is really resistant. And to make it more complete, it has a visco layer that increases comfort and the triple protection system.

pikolin mattress model India

best Pikolin mattresses

It is one of the best selling visco models during this season. With a medium hardness and a very good composition, it allows anyone to enjoy a really nice rest when lying on the mattress.

In addition to having a height of 26cm that make the bed has a much nicer design, it also includes many extras such as high-softness Strech fabric, hypoallergenic fiber, a firm and resistant to use core and a double barrier treatment.

romeo spring pikolin mattress

best Pikolin mattresses

Now I present a visco mattress with springs with a medium hardness that is not high. This mattress not only offers good comfort but also offers the Confortcel cellular function, through which the circulation of the air is greater. You will appreciate this, especially on the hottest days.  you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

The mattress is also quite high, perfect to get a really nice bed. This model has a height of 26cm or so, double-sided function and 4 handles to move it more easily. If you buy this model, I can assure you that you will be able to enjoy very good firmness and consequently a very pleasant rest.

Pikolin Instyle mattress with Confortcel core

best Pikolin mattresses

To finish I want to talk about a mattress with high firmness. It is perfect for people looking for a high degree and great stability.

To increase comfort, it has a special breathable fabric, to which we must add a viscofoam layer and a Confortcel core. As a whole, we can conclude that it is a great mattress for people who seek a high degree of firmness.

Another positive point is that it is very high. Keep in mind that its height is about 28cm. Remember, it has a satisfaction guarantee, that is, it is a good option for people who are looking for a firm mattress.

Tips for buying a mattress

Now that I have presented you with a list of the best mattresses of the Pikolin brand, it is time to see a series of tips so you can be sure of buying a mattress that really suits your sleeping style.

The first thing you have to be clear about is what type of mattress is best suited to your needs. Think that what for one person may be good, for another may not be so. This means that you should not get carried away by the opinions of other people, but you have to take into account your sleeping style to make the decision. And remember, you can find  Pikolin offers of any model, so first look for your ideal mattress and then look for the best price. you should buy the best pikolin mattress.

It is important to choose the type of material that interests you the most. You can choose between visco mattresses or spring mattresses. If you’re not sure, try both mattresses and see which one suits your type of sleep. It is also important to be clear about what kind of firmness we want. There are low, medium and high.

When you know what kind of mattress you want to buy, the next step you have to take is to have the exact measurements for your bed. Think that the size of the beds is not always the same, so not all mattresses are the same.

Once seen this, you have to look at the extras to have the guarantee of buying a quality mattress. For you to do the idea, you have to look if it has been treated to prevent mite or fungal pests if it has a suitable transpiration system to prevent heat from concentrating, if the touch is soft … the more things you have better. Of course, always to improve comfort.

I also like to look at the height of the mattress. Depending on your tastes, the mattress has to be more or less high, although nowadays quality mattresses always have a measurement higher than 20cm. This makes the beds more beautiful and above all that the comfort is superior.

Once you buy the mattress, you should know that it will last longer if you protect it with a special mattress cover. It may seem silly, but the truth is that mattresses last much longer if they are protected with an adequate cover.

When you finally have clear which cheap pikolin mattress you want to buy, it is important that you keep in mind where to make the purchase. You can buy it online or in physical stores. What I do recommend is to always make the purchase in a store that gives you the guarantee you need.

And before finishing the article, I want to make clear that a mattress is not an article for life, even if we buy the best mattress on the market. The truth is that experts recommend using a mattress for a maximum of 10 years. But you must remember that the duration will depend on the use we give it, that is, in many cases, its useful life will be less than that number.


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