The 7 best rod blenders

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In the following article, our experts in small appliances have analyzed the best rod blenders in the market. Keep reading this text to find the best rod blenders available this year in the market and find your ideal appliance at the best price.

Rod blender with 6 speeds rod blender

As a first option, we present a rod blender that has six different speeds. In addition, this small appliance also incorporates a turbo function. It is really interesting if you want to prepare all kinds of recipes, from sweets to salads because you can choose the perfect speed to beat all kinds of ingredients. Its finishes are made of stainless steel and include two veneers for the dough and two beaters.

Hand blender rod blender

In second place we present a rod blender with 750W of power. It is a very interesting option that has a practical anti-splash dome. It is also a very light model to handle because it has a good quality grip and incorporates a spiral cable and efficient large buttons. This mixer will allow you to choose between twelve different speeds for an optimal result and includes the chopper, the blender rod and the mixing glass between its main accessories.

Baking mixer for pastry rod blender

In third place, we find a rod blender specially designed for baking that has a power of 200 watts. This mixer has five different speeds and also incorporates the practical turbo function. It is a mixer that includes different accessories and will be very easy to clean because the rods are removable.

Rod blender with turbo rod blender

Here we present a rod blender that has a turbo of the best quality and has five different speeds. This mixer has a power of 300W and includes blender rods and kneading rods. It is also a model that also has anti-slip feet to provide you with the best comfort when you are using it.

Very light rod mixer rod blender

The following rod blender has a really light format and a power of 500W. It is a rod blender that also incorporates stainless steel grapples to knead all kinds of ingredients. This blender will be very easy to handle because it has a really light weight and also has five speeds and a practical turbo button.

Mixing rod mixer rod blender

If you are looking for a rod mixer that is also a mixer the following product is just what you need because it is a rod blender with an efficient power of 380W and five speeds with which you will be able to cook any ingredient. In addition this blender also has hooks for the dough and an efficient ejection button to extract the rods and hooks safely. It is a very stable model that will be maintained efficiently in its base.

White rod blender rod blender

The whisk of white rods that our experts have selected as the last option is a model specially designed for baking. This blender has five different speeds and includes a hook with which you can knead and also beat easily. In addition this blender has some very resistant accessories and that is why they can be washed in a dishwasher. Lastly, it has an efficient 250 W motor.

How to properly use all types of rods

If you like to cook or you are starting in the world of confectionery you will surely like to know how you can use well the different types of rods that exist. Here are some tips and recommendations for you to learn to efficiently use the best rods for each of your culinary needs.

The rods are really interesting for baking, especially to make recipes for biscuits . First of all, both for pastry blenders and for kitchen robots, we recommend using all the rods to achieve the best possible results and that your desserts are delicious.

The first of the rods that you should learn to use is the 10-wire rod. The ten-wire rods have the most important function to beat all kinds of ingredients, which are a great option that incorporate most rod blenders as they will be practical to prepare both sweet recipes and salty recipes. They are especially interesting utensils because they make different movements in the form of a sphere with the ten threads with which they have what they do to make a homogeneous mixture and obtain the best possible results. These rods are a great option because they also efficiently collect any food that may have been caught in the bowl or accessory you were using for kneading.

In second place we find kneading rods or kneading hooks. This type of hook or rod is especially interesting to be able to knead the masses that are much lighter, especially the sweet masses of all kinds of pastries. We speak for example of cookies or cakes. Undoubtedly it is an accessory of the best quality and that is why it can also be an option to knead bread if we want it to be very thin and obtain professional results almost from the bakery.

Also, finally we find the mixing rods that are especially interesting to mix all kinds of ingredients because they work kneading in circular movements and serve to add different ingredients to the dough that we have previously prepared. We recommend this type of rod especially to add to the dough that we already have some extras (for example if you are making a sponge cake and want to add chocolate chips or if you are making bread and want to add seeds).

There is also another type of rod especially interesting to get more volume when mounting the whites or cream, it is the fine cream rods and without a doubt, they are the best option to beat eggs and cream and obtain the best possible results.


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