The 10 best smartwatches

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Do you like to enjoy the latest technological innovations? So what you should have in your power is one of the best smartwatches that exist in the market with a formidable value for money. Here you will find some great brands and others that for the price they have, are more than suitable for anyone who wants to have one of these smart watches on their wrist. best smartwatches you like to have .

Sports Smartwatch with Fitbit Ionic GPS

 best smartwatches

Fitbit is one of the most famous brands when it comes to talking about smart watches and this time, you will have the chance to enjoy an authentic ally when it comes to physical exercise, since you will have a GPS that will tell you all the data While you run, ride a bike or even make a route, but also help you while you swim, as it will be able to tell you the lengths you perform, the pace you take and the calories burned. But, if that were not enough, it gives you the possibility to store songs to play them, on the device itself or through Bluetooth headphones. To crown this formidable Smartwatch you should know that it will also help you to take the heart rate. best smartwatches you like to have .

Smartwatch with long battery

 best smartwatches

One of the main problems that can be found in these small devices is their battery, but this watch is more than enough, having up to 5 days of battery, provided that it is of normal use and not abusive. This particular model serves to indicate the notifications that have reached your mobile without having to remove it, as well as controlling the music you are listening to, raising or lowering the song, always connected to the Bluetooth of the smartphone. You can send text messages, but among the best you have is that you have a pedometer to tell you the steps and help you improve your health, monitoring your sleep and making your life much easier.

Smartwatch TF Camera

 best smartwatches

The design of this Smartwatch model is ideal for those who want a nice smart watch but at the same time comfortable, including of course, the fact that it is one of the cheapest that you can find. It has a very resistant stainless steel frame, having a silicone strap that will last for a long time and that if it breaks, it is very easy to change it for another one. It has a camera to take small photos and its memory can be expanded thanks to a 32 GB microSD. You can enter a SIM card if you want to go out without the need for your mobile phone, being able to receive calls or perform them with complete peace of mind, although its use is also possible without it. best smartwatches you like to have .

Bluetooth Smartwatch with SIM Card

 best smartwatches

With a MallTEK processor, this is one of the best cheap Smartwatches that you will buy for very little. It will help you to take care of your health condition since it will tell you the steps with your pedometer, but it will also let you know when you have not worked out for a while. On the other hand, it works as a sleep monitor, so you know the hours you have an optimal rest or if you have to make some change in your life. The color is perfect to give to a friend or that special person you love so much. You can also call and receive calls easily with just enter a SIM or if you want to link it with your phone so that, without removing it from your pocket, you can answer.

Smartwatch with camera and slot for SIM

best smartwatches

Another of those smart watches that will give you the possibility to speak or receive calls is this that we present, with a very attractive price and with some impressive features, giving you the possibility to see your notifications of Facebook, Twitter or another application without You have to look at the mobile phone, saving a lot in battery. On the other hand, it also works as a camera button, so you can photograph with your mobile on another site, being a very good option if you do not want to use a selfie stick. It will remind you when you have to start moving and has a sleep monitor so you know the hours you have slept. best smartwatches you like to have .

Digger IP66 waterproof smartwatch

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Jumping to another higher level among the best smart watches, we find a device that can be submerged in water, also having protection against dust and dirt, and can be suitable for swimmers who do not dive more than 5 meters. It has a very efficient battery, able to last approximately 8 months in standby mode, although this time is reduced with use. It will measure not only the steps you take but also the distance and calories so that you are aware of what you spend during the day. It also has a beautiful design that you will love and all for a cheap price that is ideal for everything it brings.

Smart Watch Fitness Tracker with Sleep Monitor

best smartwatches

This Smartwatch is one of the ones I like the most because of the colorful design, as well as for everything it is able to offer at such a low price. It is a minimalist design but with very good taste, colorful, ideal for those who like to go for a run or who appreciate the touch of color in their sports accessories. You can get wet with ease, as long as you do not get out of 5 meters, and it can be useful even when swimming. It has a heart rate monitor that will control your heart rate while you run, but you can also find incoming calls and other details of interest.

Smart white smartwatch

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An elegant white model for those who like to go out with a smart watch that fits their needs and with great viewing quality, having an HD screen with a series of functions that make it among the best in this category. You can locate at any time where you are by mobile phone, as you can also listen to music that will be stored in its expandable memory. It has the ability to even read the news or see the notifications of the main social networks. It is one of the best gifts you could do for that person who appreciates technology and does not want to spend a lot of money when buying a detail. best smartwatches you like to have .

Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

best smartwatches

Another of those high-end smart watches is the one presented by Samsung with its Gear S3 Frontier model, designed for people who want to give full use to sporting characteristics and quantifiers of activity, to leave something else aside for a simple use and simple, making these people opt for cheaper and simpler models. Here you will find from heart rate sensor to barometer, altimeter, gyroscope and many more sensors that make it perfect. It is capable of resisting being submerged in water, provided that it is used for swimming and not to dive and can withstand all types of blows very well.

ST001 smartwatch with heart rate

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This smartwatch with heart rate is ideal for athletes who want to go for a run, knowing not only the rhythm they carry but also the blood pressure, being able to check if they suffer arrhythmia, indicating it later. It has very attractive features such as alcohol detection or a reminder call so if you had to do something you remember at the right time. You can also control the steps and the distance you give at the end of the day. It has a very thin and small design, ideal for people who want a smart watch but do not want an excessively large device. best smartwatches you like to have .

Tips when buying the best smartwatch

The purchase of a smart watch should always be done looking for a comfort for the user, and knowing the characteristics that can be expected from all the models that are currently on the market. As you may have noticed, in our list of the best smartwatches you have a good selection, from those that have some features that will help you lead an active life, to others simpler and therefore cheaper. In this guide you will have the solution to your doubts, with tips that will make the purchase easier and simpler.

Among the first tips that we will give you is that you know what are the main functions of smart watches, with the possibility of being a complement to the mobile phone or can operate without the need to link with each other. The devices that have the possibility of introducing a SIM card have a greater autonomy, and you can leave your mobile at home, so that, in case they call you, answer from the watch itself. This always comes right when you want to disconnect from the multiple applications that we have installed, but we do not want to lose detail of the calls or SMS that can be sent to us.

The battery is another important point, because in these small wrist devices, it is possible that with a conventional use, you see that you must charge it every day, something that, together with the terminal that you usually carry, can be an expense, reduced , but spending electricity bills in the end. Check those that have a battery that can last several days with normal use. There are many models that can last for weeks, but as long as you remove the function of data connection, GPS and other functions, leaving the basics active.

Best sport smart watches

One of the strengths of the best smart watches is that they have also become sports products, controlling from the pulsations we have at rest or during physical activity, to monitor the sleep, counting the hours of restful sleep we have had, helping us, therefore, to control this point and sleep more. Also, other models, such as those you have found in our comparison have a pedometer, something that at first may not be motivating, but you can set goals or challenges to achieve, making each day before a little more, making you feel more animated and follow a healthy life in every way. best smartwatches you like to have .

In the same way, there are smartwatches resistant to water and dust, so you can have it even in your sporting getaways, going for a run with them, or making routes through the countryside without being afraid of spoiling them. On the other hand, you can also use them on a rainy day since nothing will happen to them. It is important to know that those models that claim to be resistant to water, are those that are suitable for swimming, but you must be careful as they will not be used for diving, and should only be next to the surface of the water, preventing it from reaching more than then it could be damaged and nothing could be done to recover them.

Finally, you have to look carefully at what your requirements are when it comes to having a smart watch, because if you want a basic one, with a cheap price you can have it, however, for those who have more benefits, you will have, as is logical, drop more money.

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