Natural home remedies for bipolar disorder

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bipolar disorder is often not easily recognized as it is no reported symptoms or ways to know when someone is inflicted by him. The disease is characterized by extreme mood emotional changes.

A person can be overwhelming happy or in landfills! Men and women are both likely to suffer from the disease in the same probability. The trigger of this disease can be stress, depression, genetics or even sudden shock. Although it is not easy to treat bipolar syndrome at home, there are some home remedies for bipolar disorder that can help relieve symptoms.

Natural home remedies for bipolar disorder

Your kitchen, your attention

Your kitchen is a source of great and easy ways to treat this disorder. Use the following natural home remedies for treatment at home.

Coastal delights

The use of fish oil in your daily diet is good, as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which can be an important dietary supplement to overcome and treat bipolar disorder. Omega fatty acids help the brain work better and fight depression and associated problems. More fish is its natural form, the better the results will be. If you stay away from the coast, buy some cans of tuna and salmon. Cook or add them in your salad!

Coastal Delights
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Flaxseed oil

The use of flaxseed oil helps fight depression and, therefore, is used to treat depression induced by bipolar disorder. Eating flaxseed oil on an empty stomach is known to be another best home remedy for bipolar disorder. Alternatively, mix a few grains of flax seeds while making hot roti. It not only improves the taste of Indian bread, but also relaxes the nerves!

Root of valerian

This herb is strong enough to induce sleep yet mild enough to work to relieve nerves, without side effects. Add a few drops of root oil easily available in most of the pharmacies of your tea cup. A few mint leaves neutralize powerful flavor of the herb!

Licorice powder

Make an extract by boiling the powder in water over medium heat. Used primarily by homeopaths to treat digestive and stomach disorders, this powder has gained popularity in recent years and is now also used to treat people suffering from chronic bipolar syndrome. Consuming one cup of beer every day helps in the promotion of the production of essential and active hormones in the brain.


When used in the root of the snake moderation can help eliminate many of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, such as restlessness and anxiety attacks! It also works as an antidepressant and sedative and helps those who have trouble drifting into deep sleep.

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Often those who suffer from bipolar disorder begin to panic for no apparent reason. The disease characterize extreme lethargy, a feeling of falling into a bottomless pit, and despair! Ginseng helps reduce lethargy, laziness and lack of energy the patient may feel due to the disease.


You can consume gingko or advice to someone suffering from manic depression to improve the mood and fight the feeling of despair!

Balance diet

Eat healthy healthy stay! Avoid the consumption of artificial sweeteners, such as mood swings can intensify the problem! Observe what the food acts as a trigger and hit off your diet! The most important is to sleep well, exercise and for you to follow a routine that will keep you occupied and your mind occupied.

Balance diet
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Flower of the Passion

The consumption of this helps the neurotransmitters balance in the brain. It also has soothing and sedative properties that can give relief from excitability and anxiety – a common symptom among the many who suffer from this disorder. The grass can shake those who have a sensitive stomach. So drinking plenty of water will help you deny the side effects of this powerful herb!

Keep a diary

For the treatment of bipolar disorder, you have to condition yourself, identify food allergies, eliminate toxins, and control the hormones of subtle changes in your diet. Keeping a diary is sure to help you protect yourself from manic episodes.

Tender touch

While all of these simple remedies can definitely help treat bipolar disorder, it is important for people all over to not lose patience and understand that some reactions are beyond the control of the patient. Acting as a strong support system is as important as the treatment itself and will help you recover faster.


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