The 5 golden rules to choose ideal blazer for woman

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They are our fundamental allies both in autumn and winter. They allow us to adapt outfits to give a more or less formal look but … Not all models are ideal for your body or your style. I discovered the perfect blazer for woman.

What do you have to take into account to choose your ideal blazer . Avoid wasting time and money on clothes that end up taking place in your wardrobe? I followed these tips.


The bag is within the personal color palette . To optimize the image by giving the face more light and hiding imperfections.

In general, it  recommended to invest in a plain blazer. It will allow more combinations than buying pieces of colors too vibrant, shrill or patterned.

The neutrals include: black, chocolate, beige, ivory, camel, navy blue and mink.It should chosen  the characteristics of each person. Women with dark hair and dark eyes can be encouraged to more intense tones. The blazer for woman have more colors.


In general, the longest length in most cases is the one that ends on the hip, without covering it completely or leaving it totally exposed.

Women with wide hips should opt for this length and not completely cover the hips or the tail as this will make them look even wider. It is also not recommended to use too short bags that end in the waist because with this type of garment the width of the hips will attract a lot of attention.

The proportions of the torso also matter. If it is a woman with a short torso, a slightly longer blazer for woman may be encouraged, since the visual effect it will achieve is to make it look like the torso is longer.


The blazers can have numerous details, such as pockets, rows of buttons, asymmetries in closures, embroidery, appliques and belts.

As a rule, every detail draws attention and takes the looks to the part of the body in which it is, so we must ensure that they are in our strengths, that is, in those parts of the body that we want to highlight.


If we want to stylize the torso or lengthen the figure, it will be better to choose a blazer with a row of buttons.

Now, the beginning of the row of buttons also matters: if you have a prominent bust, it is best to start from the waist area, so as not to attract attention or enlarge this area and achieve the opposite effect. The buttons can start above the waist or closer to the bust and this will be optimal for women who want to enlarge this part of the body.


They should be in proportion to the build of who wears the blazer. A bag of narrow or very finite lapels in a broad-shouldered woman will only accentuate the width of the shoulders. The same disproportion is generated in a person with narrow shoulders with a sack whose flaps are extremely wide.

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