Nine Questions You Should Ask Before Being Self-Employed

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When a professional begins to appreciate the possibility of becoming autonomous, many doubts arise. The main thing is to know whether or not we will be able to get ahead with our own means. But this requires a series of questions before you become autonomous.

And here it is very important not to cheat the solitary. It is no use to self-deceive. There are many difficulties that the self-employed worker has to suffer in order to get ahead. At first many of them can be supplied with the illusion of starting a new project, but they can not always be maintained in time.

1. What can you sell?

In the end to work on our own we have to sell something. We have to have a skill that can be sold. Here it is usually our professional ability to run a particular job or we have a business idea to sell something. No matter what it is to set up a bar, an online store or any other type of commerce.

In this sense if we are not sure of our abilities to get ahead, that we are going to give a competitive advantage to us to choose us ahead of other professionals who offer similar services we have to give a return to our business idea.

2. Who can you sell it to?

It is essential to carry out a serious market study that allows you to identify the potential customer you are going to sell to us, what competition we have and the real possibilities that our offer has to win these customers.

At the same time you need a good network of contacts. Not only to sell, but also to help us get to know our business, to attract new customers, but also to overcome certain mistakes that as autonomous rookies we can commit in the first moments.

3. Do you know how to work alone?

Many professionals are very good at their work, but nevertheless they do not know how to do it alone. In the companies they have been supervised, directed and accompanied by other professionals. Sometimes doing everything in our own way, making all the decisions is not easy and many give this topic a vertigo.

A high degree of discipline is also necessary. It’s great to be your own boss and give yourself the morning off. But in a short time you realize that this is also paid, that you still have delivery deadlines and that time is one of the most precious goods you have. It can not be wasted.

4. You have resources to start the activity

The beginnings are always complicated. That is why we need a financial mattress that will allow us to establish the customer base that will consolidate our business little by little until we can make it profitable.

There are many businesses that start with great enthusiasm, but can not last less than three months without generating income. Most likely the first few months will not cover expenses, if you can not resist or you can not cover this possibility, better not to launch and generate debt.

5. Can you start without leaving your job?

For this reason, one of the options that can be considered is the possibility of maintaining a double activity. If you start your business without abandoning your job you may have more chances to consolidate that necessary customer base.

It is not as simple as it seems, since the deficit of time that we do not dedicate to our business often damages its chances of success. For other professionals it is an opportunity to gradually explore if they could get ahead on their own.

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6. How many hours are you willing to take?

Being your own boss is very nice on paper. But before launching into the void it is important to chat with other professionals in the industry. Those who do well and also those who do not. They will put you on notice of the number of hours you are going to work.

In the end you may find that counting does not compensate you to have an hourly price as low. Many will prefer to stay in your company where they will work less hours, have their vacations and if they become ill or have a work accident their emoluments will not suffer severe.

7. Do you have financial and fiscal skills?

In addition to being your own boss you will also have to be your own accountant, your own adviser and tax expert. That is why it is necessary to have financial and tax expertise. The more solid the less time we will lose in these aspects of management.

The bad thing is that if we are not able to take it on our own we will have to hire a professional to help us with these issues. At first it may seem like an extra expense, but in a short time and if the business works we will realize that it is an investment since time is always scarce for a freelancer and these issues are a well of lost hours.

8. Do you have commercial skills?

It is not enough to be a good professional, to have a good business. Besides, you have to know how to sell. All self-employed have to have commercial skills, which allow them to increase their customer base and retain those they already have. If you do not like dealing with people, the attention to the public or the direct treatment will be difficult to get ahead as autonomous, although in certain sectors is possible.

9. Am I eligible for bonuses?

This is critical, since especially at the beginning it can make the difference between having a viable business plan or not.

If you are charging unemployment, you can use it in different ways to start your business. In any case before you discharge or make the request the ideal is advise well, since in other ways we can be surprised that we are denied this possibility.

Being autonomous, being your own boss, working for yourself or being an entrepreneur may sound very nice, but it is a long and difficult road. Before taking the plunge and peer into the abyss is necessary to seriously evaluate whether or not we are qualified to get ahead on our own or not.

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