The key elements in a marketing plan

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Marketing is an activity that every business needs to take seriously. It is one of the key ways that potential customers get to find out about the products and services that are being offered. In order to make the most of your marketing efforts and to ensure that you are getting the most rewards for it, you should consider working with Marketing Strategy Consultants like those from Really Helpful Marketing. These specialists will help you with everything from identifying your target audience, developing your marketing plan and delivering your marketing through your chosen methods.

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When developing your marketing plan there are a few key areas that you need to include.

Products & Services

It is important that you clearly describe all of the products and services that you offer. This can be a brief outline of what they are and how your customers can purchase them. Next, you need to look at what makes your products and services unique or what makes you stand out compared to your competitors. Making a note of the benefits of using the company as well as the potential drawbacks will give you a well-rounded started point for the marketing plan.

Market Analysis

This is where you look at the target audience for your products and services. You should detail all the different audiences that you might have and create market segments and a customer profile for each of these. The market analysis then enables you to look at the common factors that occur in your customers and identify what their likes, dislikes and goals are, as well as their buying habits.

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Goals & Objectives

By setting goals that you want to achieve in your marketing, whether these are based on sales and conversions or more visitors to your website and social media channels, you can see whether your marketing efforts are working and you can check the return on investment for any methods that require financial input.


Clearly defining the pricing structure for your products and services also allows you to highlight your position within the marketplace. This may be benign the cheapest or the most expensive. By looking at your pricing you are able to help identify your unique selling point. In this section of the marketing plan, you should look at the detailed costs of your products and services, the justifications for your prices, your competitor’s prices, and the promotions that you plan on running and the return on investment that you looking for in terms of your marketing spend.

Other areas that you will want to include in the marketing plan are the marketing budget that you are going to allocate and a breakdown of key marketing areas that this will be spent on and also your overall marketing and advertising plan.

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