How to buy a luxury car or a supercar? It is not as simple as it seems

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Who else and who less have ever dreamed of being able to buy a luxury car from the super-luxury or super-sports category . We are not talking about the most exclusive versions of Premium brands.  We are talking about cars that can only be bought by the richest people in each country .

Buy a luxury car like this is not something that anyone can afford for several reasons. The first and most obvious is that not everyone has the economic power to buy a car that often exceeds one million dollars . But if I have the money, what do I have to do to buy a luxury car of my dreams?

First, before continuing with the article, I want to define very well what kind of cars I am referring to. I’m talking about almost handmade cars like Pagani, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, the most exclusive editions of Porsche like the 918 Hybrid.

We also talk about cars from the super-luxury segment such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom or Aston Martin One-77. They are the most of the most . That is why not everyone can get one.

One of the main characteristics of these exclusive cars is that they are usually made only by order . They are manufactured in very limited editions. That’s why buy a  luxury car of your dreams can be more complicated than getting to the dealership, paying the ticket and waiting for your car to arrive.

The clients of the house have preference

buy a luxury car

We have spoken with several companies specialized in the sale of this type of car in our country . To buy a car like for example the Porsche 918 Spyder, not only do you have enough money.

Customers who are loyal to the brand tend to have preference over other candidates. Therefore they are given preference when assigning the few units that tend to reach a market like ours. They are personally notified by the brand’s commercials that inform them that there is a new model . Of course, they tell you that if you wish you could book one almost immediately.

It is logical that brands apply this type of measure. On the one hand, by having that preferential treatment with the clients “of the house”. You get to have them happier than if you treated them like any other newbie .

It is just the opposite of what telephone companies do, where new customers get prices and conditions that usually tend to be much better than those of loyal customers who have been paying for them month after month.

Without deviating from the main theme, by giving preference to customers who are loyal to the brand, you also get “your” more controlled cars, something important in this type of vehicle.

The supercars and super-luxury cars tend to arouse interest wherever they go, they arouse great expectation and nothing that goes beyond the line with them will be on the news.

A brand that sells cars ranging from 120,000 dollars to 2 million dollars, is not usually interested in linking his image with irresponsible attitudes at the wheel, with scandals and even accidents. So, if you have a select group of customers who behave well with their cars, it is better to sell them the most exclusive ones too.

Payments almost cash

buy a luxury car

Another difference between the process of buying a supercar or super-luxury car compared to a normal car is that in the first it is usually necessary to pay almost cash to begin to manufacture it.

Maybe that does not seem like a problem for the rich buyers of this type of cars, but it is, almost the same as for any other mortal. It is true that the accounts of the rich tend to be much healthier than those of other drivers, but they also need to have a good cash flow.

Thus, a millionaire whose wealth is estimated at several million dollars may have more than one problem to pay in full and a single attack a car that can exceed one million dollars. That money that stops being in your account also stops being invested in your financial products or other businesses.

The problem comes because, in this type of cars, financing usually shines by its absence. To buy one of the most exclusive Italian cars of those marketed in Spain, it is necessary to pay almost 80% in advance to start manufacturing according to the customer’s tastes.

The remaining 20%, which in the case of this car that far exceeds one million dollars is an amount similar to that you have to pay for a whole Porsche 911 Turbo, is the only amount you can pay once they deliver the car.

Where do I buy this car?

buy a luxury car

As it is logical, of the most exclusive brands of cars there are almost no dealers in our country. Moreover, the few concessionaires tend to concentrate in large cities or areas frequented by their potential customers, while wealth tends to be distributed throughout the country.

there is neither a Rolls-Royce nor  Ferrari. That can be a problem in quotes since it is not possible to go to the dealer and ask for the car.

It really is not so much problem because it is enough to pick up the phone, call the importer of each of the brands and automatically a commercial will be presented in your city to assist you with all kinds of affection.

The biggest problem that there are barely dealerships and official services of this type of marks comes when the car has to pass the official reviews. You know that the revisions are not going to be cheap, but the worst thing is that the car will have to go on a crane every time it has a revision, and therefore you will not be able to use it during a good season.

These are just some examples that show that it is not enough for you to get the jackpot or the Primitive Lottery in order to buy a luxury  car of your dreams.  if your problem is that you do not have the pedigree necessary to make you with such an exclusive car, you can always choose the specialists who are dedicated to buying these models so exclusive and then sell them to the highest bidder at a price much higher than the rate. They are like the resale of football tickets, an unlawful option that will allow you to fulfill your dream on wheels.


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