Tips when buying shoes

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buying shoes is not such a simple task and less when today we have so many options. Many times we fall in love with some shoes that we saw in a store and we buy blindly and when we get home we no longer feel so comfortable, and we end up not using them as often. This happens because although they look beautiful on your feet it is not the only thing that we have to take into account when choosing shoes.

Shoes are a very important part of our look, so we must choose them very well, that combine, be practical and of course that they are very comfortable, remember that you will wear them almost all day.

Here are some tips to make this work much easier and get it that way, get a pair of shoes that are nice but at the same time comfortable, and do not cause health problems.

1.Little Budget

If the budget we have is little, the ideal is to buy shoes that have your fingers covered. Choose colors that never go out of style such as black, brown or beige. These colors are neutral and you can use them at any time of the year. They go well with casual and formal attire.

Remember that you can always take your shoes that are torn or broken to the shoemaker, you should not stop using your favorite shoes if they have been damaged.

Buy the best quality you can afford so that they last a lot longer and endure the weather and use. Even if you have to put your hand in your pocket, it’s a long-term investment.

2.To match with accessories

If you want to match your shoes with your belt they should have the same tone, or a darker shade. This with the intention of not direct attention to your feet and give a look of harmony to your outfit.

It is no longer necessary for your shoes to combine with your bags or purses, however if you are going to do it try to have the same style (casual, elegant, sporty, etc.) to better match your outfit, even the clothes you wear put.


When it comes to choosing heels it is important to take into account the type of body you have.

– If you are stout or rather thick figure, high heels do not favor you because they do not let you keep your balance. It is better to opt for medium height heels to stylize the figure.

– If you are short, use heels of at least 5 cm to make your legs look better. This height of the heel is enough to stylize most legs.

– The stilettos or Stiletto is not a good idea to go to work because you will not let be rested during the day and your feet can swell. This is because it distributes your body body mostly to the front of the foot. If you have bunions or calluses are your worst allies, avoid them; the pressure causes calluses on the front of your foot and increases the pain of bunions and hammertoes.

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This type of shoe compresses the fingers, which can also cause calluses and also put pressure on your nails. This constant pressure causes ingrown toenails and increases the risk of developing hammertoes. The recommendation is not to use them very often and buy them a size a little larger than usual.

Note: The hammer toe is a deformity of the toe, which has its end bent downwards.

5.Flat and platform shoe

The flat shoes should not be used frequently because they can cause pain in the arch of the foot and even tendinitis. The best option is to alternate them with shoes of moderate heel.

If you have problems with inflammation of the Achilles tendon or the arch of the foot, avoid them at all costs.

The platform shoes are very common and fashionable lately. However, they are as unstable as high-heeled shoes. Walking on a very high platform causes tension in the muscles of the legs and may be causing dislocations, and even ankle fractures. If you want to use them, select ones with a moderate height and with which you really feel comfortable.

6.When buying shoes

The best time for buying shoes is late in the afternoon or at night, since the feet tend to swell during the day. If you buy them in the morning, they may start to squeeze if you use them for several hours.

Some people have one foot larger than the other, it is necessary that the shoes hormen properly in the 2 feet.


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When you buy shoes, try them and take a short walk around the store to see how you feel. If you feel any discomfort, do not buy them, they will surely bother you when you use them for a longer time.

We hope these tips have been very helpful and remember to buy the right size. You must be able to move your fingers inside the shoe and you should not slip your foot when you walk.


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