Top television tunes and their origins

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Television has evolved considerably since the early days of black and white flickering screens. Now, we are enjoying online streaming, catch up TV and even the ability to transmit from our smartphones to the television. In tribute to the wonders of television advances, here are some songs that were clearly inspired by the ‘tube’:

The Sun Always Shines On TV – Aha

In the early days of TV programming, the world portrayed was often rosy and quaint. Safe family stories and white picket fences. Television has evolved along with audience preferences and we now prefer to see the world how it is, with documentaries being one of the most watched genres. We watch gritty news stories and dark dramas and demand to be shown the pressing topics of the day.

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Television Rules The Nation – Daft Punk

It can be argued that he who holds power, controls the agenda and sometimes we do need to question if some channels or programmes are presented with a bias. Television might have once held the power to sway our opinions and feelings but this has now been superseded by the role of the internet and social media.

Idiot Box – The Aquabats

TV has been called the Idiot Box and it used to be said that too much TV made a person dumb. However, this argument can’t really be made anymore. There are so many channels and documentaries, news specials and information programmes that television can be an incredibly useful educational tool. Programming, including that for children, has advanced so far that it is now far removed from ‘dumbing down’.

Television – Bad Religion

TVs used to be large and cumbersome, then they were designed to be small and portable. Now, we’ve gone big again but not cumbersome. In fact, today’s TVs are ultra slim and flat with the most popular size desired being 60 inches. If you need to improve the signal on your set, consider TV aerial installation Cheltenham from

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Bigger Picture – Less Than Jake

We can enjoy bigger pictures today as flat screens TVs have a screen that goes right to the edge of the unit. This way we can have our 60 inch screens and fully immerse ourselves in the highest quality images and cutting edge sound systems. Or how about LG’s latest monster – a whopping 325 inches at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds?

Her Television – Violent Femmes

Are there nightly fights over who gets control of the remote? Thankfully, television sets are so economical now that it is quite normal for a household to have multiple sets around the house. When there is a difference of opinion over what to watch, people can head off to other rooms to watch their favourite programmes, However, nothing beats the coming together of family and friends to watch a great show or movie.

Television Man – Talking Heads

Remember to call in a professional if you are having any problems with your signal. Nobody wants to struggle with pixelating images or constant interruptions.

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