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Thinking of downsizing in retirement? It makes good sense economically and physically. Why keep slogging over maintaining a family home when your kids have flown the nest? Of course, downsizing comes with a bit of life laundry, as your new property isn’t going to have the same storage space. However, with a bit of sorting out, most of us can reduce our possessions significantly if required. To get you in the mood for your exciting move, here are some songs about moving home:

Movin’ On Up – The Jeffersons

Downsizing doesn’t mean compromising on quality and size isn’t everything. A smaller home can be much easier and cheaper to furnish more lavishly than you could with a larger property. Despite the reduction in square footage, you’ll feel like you’ve gone up a notch in terms of decor!

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Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

It’s time to book the removal services and load up the car to your new home. Despite the effort, it is undoubtedly an exciting time. Whether you’re moving to another part of the country or simply across town, it’s time to hit the road and don’t look back. You can always take your happy memories with you!

Homeward Bound – Simon & Garfunkel

There’s no place like home and a smaller property can be kept warm and snug a lot more easily than a big home with empty rooms. Imagine the decrease in energy cost you can enjoy. Find out more about the advantages of living in Gloucester Park Homes for Sale when you visit Park Home Life.

Moving – Supergrass

Don’t forget to let people know your new address. Important organisations to inform include the bank, your doctor, pension providers and energy companies. The list is long but a necessary evil. You can redirect your post for a time with Royal Mail which offers some breathing space to get settled before tackling the admin!

Country House – Blur

If you long to say goodbye to the urban sprawl, a retirement in the countryside might be very appealing. Many park home sites are out of town and often set in rural surroundings. If you crave the morning song of birds instead of the revving of engines, then consider the fresh air of an out of town park home.

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Begin Again – Taylor Swift

New home, new you and a fresh start with which to enjoy retirement. There’s nothing like blowing the cobwebs off and starting a new chapter, especially in retirement when you have the time to pursue your interests and make new friends. Gone are the 9-5 days of commuting and slogging away in an office. Meet the new you – and one with a new home to make your own.

I’m Moving On – Elvis Presley

When it’s time to move on, you’ll want to start getting organised and packing early. The easiest things to start with are those you won’t be using, such as out of season items. For example, for a winter move you can pack all of your t-shirts and shorts first. Unless you’re emigrating somewhere tropical of course!

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