In a dead-end job, bored and frustrated, now is the time for change

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You don’t have to have a mid-life-crisis to decide that you need to change your job, you are bored and frustrated in your current position and there’s no chance of promotion.  It could be that you’ve only been working in your present role as a general health care assistant for a short amount of time but already know it’s not for you.  Talk to your employers about your dreams and aspirations, they may be open to the idea of you retraining and doing something much more stimulating and worthwhile?  If you already have the basic knowledge of a Care Worker, you could think about specialising in a field that you’ve always been interested in. You could potentially look at the option of completing some Clinical Training Courses from a company such as

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These intensified specific courses could help you become a fully qualified Emergency First Aid Responder or a Senior Mental Health Nurse?  If your company needed somebody to fill these important positions, they may well be willing to fund your course. Think of all the people you will be able to help and the amount of job satisfaction you will achieve everyday by literally saving someone’s life!

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No more boredom or feeling like you are stuck in a rut, your position will be exciting and rewarding, you will be swimming in the deep end of the Health Care work pool, thriving and full of adrenalin as you genuinely help another human being on a daily basis.

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