How to dress for a spring walk

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Spring is nearly here and with it, it will bring with it nicer weather. It is a time of year where many people will start to venture out and enjoy some nice spring walks. Whilst the days start to get lighter, there can still be days where the weather is a little chilly. To help keep out the chill there are a number of items of clothing that you can choose to help keep you warm, but still fashionable.

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Jumpers – wearing a nice jumper such as a womens aran sweater like the ones from can help to keep the chill away. Not only are they stylish but they are also great for carrying around on a spring walk. They can be paired together with some beautiful jeans and are easily tied around your shoulders should the weather warm up.

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Boots – the ground under foot can be a little unpredictable. In some cases it might be boggy after a prolonged period of rain and in other cases frost may have caused the ground to harden. Wearing a good sturdy pair of boots will help to protect you feet and ankle whilst you are out on a walk.

Hat – make sure to take a hat with you as the chilly winds can still occur in the spring. This can be a fashionable beret rather than a beanie hat that you might wear in the winter.

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