Playground equipment children love to use

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Allow a child a couple of hours to access a playground and they will have the time of their lives. They will create new worlds, games and gain new friendships with the people they meet there. They will effectively gain considerable social skills as well. When you have a Playgrounds Cheltenham based builder and designer like can provide a public space. What are children’s most favourite activities?

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  1. The swings. Everyone loves swings, not just the kids it seems. Flying through the air feeling the rush of the wind around you, the flopping feeling in your tummy, getting your Mum and Dad to give you push start and then finally learning to do it yourself can be one of the most life affirming moments for children and parents alike.

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  1. The roundabout. This old favourite is great fun and also a little bit dangerous when you come to think about it. However, what piece of playground equipment doesn’t come with a small element of risk. Kicking off with your leg the roundabout is soon rotating at great speed. Jumping off and on it when it’s moving is pretty exciting.
  2. The slide. Modern slides are usually built into earth mounds now for safety. However, you may be able to find a nice old Victorian wrought iron that seems to reach up to the sky. It’s cold metal shoot means that you can soon get a good run at it. It’s also great for sending model cars down if you fancy racing them.

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