Things to do before going on holiday

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Going on holiday is an exciting time, a chance to relax and escape the rat race for a week or two. However, before we depart, there are always a million and one things to organise. That pre-holiday stress can put a dampener on the whole experience, so here are some things to organise:

Check your passport

If you need to hunt for your passport and blow the dust off the cover, you better do this sooner rather than later. Nothing ruins a holiday like realising your passport expired two years ago. Get it out a couple of months in advance so you can renew it, if necessary, in good time. Remember that if you decide to wing it with only a short valid date left, some countries require that you have a certain period of 6 months before expiry, or you won’t be allowed entry.

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Are your documents all together?

Do plenty of homework in good time, such as visa requirements, hotel confirmations, boarding passes, and insurance details. So you don’t lose it, place them together in a plastic folder and include the necessary contact telephone numbers.

Luggage allowances

Get yourself some of those handy digital weighing scales for luggage, as there’s nothing more annoying than exceeding your allowance and having to pay extra at the airport. If you do need excess luggage, make sure to pre-book it online. For sporting holidays, consider Van Rental Bristol for transporting your equipment. For more details, go to Autolyne, a supplier of Van Rental Bristol services.

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Pet care

Our furry friends will also need somewhere to stay while you’re away, so make sure to sort this out in plenty of time, so it’s not a rushed decision.

Home security

The end to a perfect holiday is not coming home to a burgled home. Always do a walk-around before leaving to ensure windows and doors are locked securely and cancel any deliveries, like milk or newspapers. Ask a friend or neighbour to make regular checks, set up lighting timers to avoid leaving any obvious signs that the property is empty.

Traffic and parking

Before heading off and during your drive, check the radio for traffic alerts so you have enough time to get to the airport. Book a parking space in advance online for the best pricing for long-term parking stays.

Plan with travel money

Leaving this until the last minute at the airport is a mistake if you want to get the best rates. The best rates are found online, where you can organise delivery or pick-up of your money.

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