How to make Chinese cabbage soup – step by step

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Chinese cabbage is a vegetable that is not usual in Spanish cuisine, but in many Asian dishes. In these countries, there are multiple recipes to be able to elaborate it, is often used as an ingredient in many of them.However, it can also be consumed alone. And one of the simplest ways to enjoy it and prepare it is Chinese cabbage soup. An easy dish, although you need a lot of ingredients, with which you will not spend much time in the kitchen either. we will teach you to step by step how to make Chinese cabbage soup .


  • Chinese cabbage
  • Two small cans of kimchi
  • An onion
  • Four cloves of garlic
  • Two tablespoons of sesame oil
  • Two spoonfuls of white miso paste
  • A liter of water
  • Four portions of noodles
  • Two pieces of tofu
  • Cilantro or onion (optional) to decorate
  • A pot or casserole

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

1. Once we have all the ingredients

, the first step we are going to take is to take a pot or casserole in which we will put the sesame oil so that it is hot. While taking temperature, we can drain all the kimchi well to remove the liquid that comes in the can. That soup must be saved because we will need it later. When it is drained, pour the kimchi over the pot and wait for a couple of minutes to sauté over medium heat.

Chinese cabbage soup

2. While the kimchi is browning,

we can use it to chop the onions and the garlic. When we have it, also add these two ingredients to the pot to be skipped over medium heat. The approximate time will be five minutes, although sometimes you do not have to wait that long. When we see that they are a little golden, it is time to continue advancing in the recipe.

3. And the next thing .

you have to add to the pot is the cabbage , which previously we have chopped, washed well and drained so that the parts are small and thin because they should also be added to the casserole with the rest of the ingredients that we have sautéed. Again, it will be necessary to leave everything together so that it is continued doing about five minutes . The temperature of the fire is still medium. We will keep it that way throughout the recipe.

Chinese cabbage soup

4. When you see that

the cabbage is already sautéed, it is time to incorporate the water and the kimchi broth that we have saved when draining it. The miso is also put on. Once these ingredients are incorporated, cover the pot partially (although almost completely) so that everything is cooked over low heat. The approximate time is about 15 minutes, although it is advisable to check the cooking to avoid burning or that is left with little water.

5. After that time,

we opened the pot to add more ingredients. In this case, we incorporate the pieces of tofu and noodles. If it has been too little, we will have to add a little more water so that the Chinese cabbage soup is not too thick. Again, you have to cook everything for about five minutes. If this is the first time you use tofu in your kitchen.

Chinese cabbage soup

6. With this last step,

the recipe would already be. Now, there are only some optional steps to decorate when serving. This process is also very easy and quick to do. We only take the cilantro or a little onion or chopped onion, which is put in the casserole before removing it from the fire in order to give it the last touch. Then it is just stirring so everything mixes well, let it rest a bit so that the flavor of all the ingredients is mixed well and serve the hot soup in a deep dish.


This Chinese cabbage soup can also be made spicy if you like this type of flavors. The trick in this case is to use, for example, gochujang hot sauce. But, unlike cilantro or chive, this sauce must be incorporated before in the production process. In particular, it is added at the same time as the chopped cabbage.

When serving this soup, you can use any deep dish, but if you use the typical Asian bowls and their spoons you will get a differential touch to the table and immerse yourself in a totally oriental lunch or dinner with which you will surprise.


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