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Sunspots appear when, due to excessive sun exposure, melanin production begins to spread irregularly on the skin. They appear especially in areas that over the years have undergone excessive sun exposure such as the face, neckline or hands. sun skin spots should be noticed.

The most frequent facial spots caused by sun exposure are lentigines. They are very frequent due to prolonged sun exposure. Melasmas, on the other hand, is lighter, more extensive and with more diffuse contours that usually appear due to hormonal causes combined with the action of the sun.

Dark and circumscribed sunspots that reveal age in the hands and arms are produced by prolonged exposure, accumulated throughout life. Although they can appear at any age, they are more frequent from the 50s because they are evident about 20 years after the sun exposure that originated them. Melasmas do not appear on the hands and arms, as it is not a photosensitive area.

Cleavage spots reveal aging as eloquently as the hands, and can also suffer from photodermatosis from prolonged exposure to the sun. Redness and spider veins are as frequent as the moles that appear with the sun, by a genetic component. In the neckline they arise from the 50 by prolonged sun exposure, but also, by the application of perfumes with photosensitizing agents.

Most effective anti-stain treatments

Among the treatments available we find the depigmenting creams and peels, and the dermatologist-controlled use of certain lasers and light sources. Generally the treatment is complex and requires combined treatments. In this sense, Dr. Alonso emphasizes that “any” peeling or laser is not valid, since many can be counterproductive. Photoprotection is the basic auxiliary pillar. sun skin spots should be noticed.

Be careful with the spots that appear or worsen with the sun, since a new exposure will aggravate or make the problem reappear.

Of special difficulty in the treatment of melasma, as it has hormonal influence and extreme sensitivity to the sun. Therefore the treatment has to be continued and prolonged throughout the year. It is possible to achieve total bleaching, but hyperpigmentation may reappear.

Cosmetic formulas that work

There are many depigmenting agents that can improve the appearance of the spots and that should be individualized depending on the problem and the type of skin. Among others, we can highlight hydroquinone and its derivatives, retinoic acid, retinol, kojic acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C, etc. In many cases, it will be necessary to complement the treatment with peels or light sources (pulsed or laser light).

Peelings: the most effective

In general, in depigmenting peels, alpha and beta hydroxy acids (glycolic, salicylic, pyruvic …) are used together with depigmenting substances (hydroquinone, retinoic acid, vitamin C, …) in different combinations and concentrations depending on the desired effect and type of stain The treatment should always be accompanied by a good skin preparation and a strict protocol after it, which usually includes strict and high sun protection for several days or weeks. Peelings research includes the development and application of new depigmenting substances, and above all, new ways of penetrating the active ingredients into the skin without the need for it to “irritate” so much. That is, stimulate cell renewal (intrinsic peeling condition) without being aggressive. sun skin spots should be noticed.

IPL stain therapy

The treatment with IPL or Intense Pulsed Light aims to erase and eliminate skin blemishes and blemishes. For this we apply a high-intensity light source, which selectively removes pigmented elements such as spots and vascular damage in the skin.

The effect of the treatment is also known as photorejuvenation, since it generally decreases the size of the pores and the depth of the wrinkles, favors the generation of collagen in the dermis and decreases the spots, as well as improves the texture of the skin.

IPL facial treatment

The texture of the skin is unified, it eliminates the spots produced by solar aging, hormonal spots, rosacea, dilatation or vascular lesions, residual scars or dilated pores. In addition, it attenuates and prevents small wrinkles that appear with age and acts against matte and oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis and acne due to its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and depigmenting effect. sun skin spots should be noticed.

The result is an intense facial rejuvenation, a brighter, healthier and cleaner skin of spots, redness,and capillaries. The IPL strengthens the skin support system and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, fundamental substances responsible for maintaining young skin.

This facial rejuvenation treatment is performed with an advanced non-invasive technology that respects the facial skin. To achieve the best results in each patient, the performance parameters are adjustable and customizable according to each case to be treat.


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