The most convenient functions in online slot machines

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Online gambling is constantly evolving and improving, so that the game process in the online casino is becoming more comfortable and enjoyable. In this article, we will talk about several functionalities of slot machines that make the use of online slots as convenient as possible.

So, let’s get started.

Start instruction

When most slots of popular brands are launched, a screen appears with a description of the bonus features. Often this is an animation demonstration of free spins, unusual ways of forming combinations or unique prize options. Much less common is a clear instruction explaining the functions of the main elements of the interface, although such manuals are very convenient for beginners.

Choice of graphics quality

Manufacturers of online gambling for virtual casinos are differently related to customizable parameters in their models. Some developers allow you to adjust multiple options, others are limited to the ability to mute the sound. Some companies implement graphics quality settings in slot machines. This is convenient, because sometimes you have to use a slot at a low Internet speed, when spectacular animation incredibly slows down the process. You can try a well prepared graphical slot machine on

Different ways to choose a bid

Software developers can offer different ways of choosing a bet in slot machines. In the vast majority of models, it should be equal for all involved lines, although slots are known in which the rates for individual bands may be different.

Normally you need to bet on one line. Sometimes for this you need to specify the number and denomination of coins, sometimes just the size in credits. If you like to frequently change the amount at stake during the game, you will like devices that have a separate panel with detailed parameters of rates, and an additional window for quick selection.

Auto play options

The mode of automatic play in online slots is not surprising. Now rarely there are models in which it would be impossible to specify the size of the bet, press one button and then simply watch how the device itself launches the game backs.

A nice addition to this feature are the extensive settings of this mode. In the slots of some developers, you can specify the number of spins, the limits of losses and winnings, time limits and even conditions for stopping the automatic game (for example, at the start of bonuses). Such functions allow you to control the process, which is very useful in many situations.

Tips for Players

The most progressive developers of software for online casinos build in the slot devices all sorts of recommendations. For example, if you constantly stop the reels immediately after the start of the spin, a reminder appears that you can turn on the turbo mode. Or, if you never run the game at equal chances, you are offered to deactivate it.

Similar functions make the gameplay adaptive, and therefore more comfortable and friendly to the user. You do not need to waste time on options that do not interest you, which allows you to focus on the process and get the most out of it.

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