12 tips to enjoy your work

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The job dissatisfaction is often determined by bad relationships with bosses and peers, an environment of little development, dissatisfaction with not having a good compensation, and even to bring problems home to work and vice versa and enjoy your work.

Companies must be able to create good practices and policies that promote the formation of a working family; however, we each have our share of responsibility to help create a good climate and improve relationships, which will help us feel better and increase our own productivity.

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Therefore, we give you some practical tips to help you enjoy your work :


  1. Give yourself some time in the morning before work and dedicate it to yourself, which will allow you to start the day with better spirits and a smile.
  2. Predispose to work. Every day enter your work with the idea that you can do something new, something creative that can be very useful for the company.
  3. Self-motivation. You can reduce the burden to go to work if you achieve good relationships with your peers and a stimulating physical environment.
  4. Work at a pleasant pace. Try to develop the same attitude at work, you need to work at a pace that works for you.
  5. Take a short break before you start a new task. Your mind needs a moment to prepare for each activity.
  6. Be aware of what you are doing and its purpose. Focus, it is not worth it to lose yourself in thoughts because you are blocked.
  7. Do not waste energy on projects that are not so important in the day to day; Maximize your performance and perform the most important tasks first, procrastinating only causes distress.
  8. Forget about work. Try to enjoy a “break” and your time to eat. Try to find some relaxation technique that you can put into practice.
  9. When you feel you can not control the bad mood, try not to retaliate with a partner or situation related to your job. Do not speak ill of one partner against another.
  10. Set yourself weekly goals: these should be personal; that way you can stay motivated and feel useful. The ideal is to reward yourself once you have completed them.
  11. Do some activity to revitalize yourself after work. It can be exercise, dancing or a good walk.
  12. Pamper yourself. Recognize your effort and give thanks; Find new ways to show you that you love and take care of yourself.

At present, many companies have adopted recreational practices included in labor policies, which has given excellent results, improving the climate and significantly increasing individual and collective productivity.

Therefore, get the most out of your job, identify the things that arouse your interest, that you are passionate about and that bring something positive to your life, which will allow you to grow as a person and a professional. Cheer up and enjoy your work!


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