How to curl hair gorgeously without heat (even if they are stiff as chopsticks)

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Do you want to give more volume  to your hair? Here are some clever hairstyles to curl or wave your hair without burning them with a curling iron! how to curl hair without heat is essential.

Summer is coming, the hair is drying up and using a curling iron becomes less and less a good idea!

But it is possible to have pretty ripples by tying them, braiding them or twisting them during the night. YouTube is a good breeding ground for learning these simple gestures.

Twisting her hair to have a mermaid’s hair

Why techniques for curling and waving hair without heat are even more appropriate in the summer?

Most of the time, these methods are also good hairstyles because, in addition to giving you cascades of loops, they get your hair well to prevent you from sweating while you sleep.

In addition, they avoid the over-use of heating devices type curling hair that can damage your hair if you make heavy use.

By leaving them all night, the result will be more convincing because during all these hours your hair will have had time to take a new shape.

Here is an anthology of hairstyles to do before going to bed, to wake up as Gold Earrings (but without the bears).

Loop her hair without heat: the macaroons technique

This is the latest technique I found on the MissouMakeup channel. This method involves getting rid of hair packets for pretty beach wave ripples.

Just separate her hair on three floors and twist each big bit on it to make a small sausage. Each flange is then fixed with flat pliers.

how to curl hair without heat

The two twists techniques for defined loops

This hairstyle is to realize on wet hair. You have to split them in two and twist two wicks by pulling, squeezing well and starting from the root this time.

The variant: the Star Wars technique

This technique Vivian V takes the principle of twists of the video above but the two locks created by the twists are brought in two buns-pudding on the sides to Princess Leia.

The headband technique to gain volume

This technique is very simple to perform. You have to wrap your hair with a wick in the headband to have a  low bun before going to bed.

By removing the banner the next day, we have a good surprise to end up with beautiful big curls!

The straw technique for very tight curls

This is certainly the most surprising result. By twisting her hair around straws before falling asleep, MissouMakeup woke up with very tight curls. It changes his mind.

If this technique interests you, here is the tutorial to realize it.

Loop her hair without heat: the technique of the towel

It is true that to obtain this glamorous result, MissouMakeup offers us to look like SpongeBob, but the final curls are really worth it! You have to be ready to sleep with a towel wrapped in your hair, however, and it’s a bit heavy.

Loop her hair without heat: the technique of Bantu knot out

The technique of Bantu Knot Out is to wind small strands around his finger to make small knots, Bantu knots, scattered around the skull.

Originally used on natural afro hair to define curls and give volume, this technique is especially effective on thick hair (on fine hair knots may not hold).

Each Bantu knot must be tight to hold. The result gives a lot of volume on the hair of youtubeuse Zulaynita.

The alu paper technique for pretty loops without using heat

This technique for having loops explained by Gisèle Rodrigues is achieved thanks to strips of aluminum paper folded beforehand.

You must wrap each wick around the band and close the ends to make a small bundle of hair.

Volume and ripples with the Minnie technique

This technique of Lilith Moon Fr does not give definite loops but a lot of volume. Just make two quilts and wrap the locks so you get two high updos, like Minnie’s ears.

The hair curlers technique to curl your hair

Lilith Moon Fr also uses foam curlers to have more defined curls without heat.

The curlers foam available in different sizes: the more they are fine, the more loops are tight and conversely, the bigger they are, the more loops will be broad.

If you like curling your hair, it’s a good investment because it’s a cheap accessory!

It’s up to you to see which technique is best for you depending on what you want. Just remember that:

If you have a little wet hair before making these hairstyles, they will be more effective.

A haircut of styling mousse,  gel or cream to define the curls will keep your ripples longer.

Do not make a hairstyle that you find unpleasant to wear, it could spoil your sleep if you move too much your head on the pillow.

If you have to keep everything during the night, think about wearing a silk scarf or nightcap to keep it up until the morning and your hair is protected.

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