Feeding and physical exercise to stay healthy

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Healthy eating habits and the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis are one of the bases to achieve an optimal state of health at any age and, of course, especially among people with diabetes. This is nothing new, is it? But what happens during the complex stage of teenage? Here are some important aspects. exercise is needed to stay healthy.

The healthy exercise begins in teenage

teenage is a major change in the way physical activity is performed. It goes from the irregular practice that the game supposes to regularity and order of the exercise, through training or sports competitions. Unfortunately, in many cases, it also supposes the beginning of a long stage of sedentary lifestyle. exercise is needed to stay healthy.

According to the study data published this year 2018, among the general population, 62.6% of adolescents do not comply with the recommendations on the practice of healthy physical exercise. This high degree of sedentary lifestyle is much greater among girls than among boys. In this sense, the tendency in which adolescents perform less physical activity than children is worrisome, which indicates that many children become sedentary just during teenage. we should to know how to stay healthy and fit.

Among the many factors involved, the impact of the environment is decisive. For example, the presence of nearby sports facilities reduces the levels of sedentary lifestyle among adolescents. In addition, the family environment is basic. It is proven that if the parents practice physical exercise or some sport on a regular basis, then the adolescent children practice it to a greater extent. This should be a fundamental point of support. The best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is for the whole family to participate, because setting an example is essential to transmit these habits.

It should be remembered that it is still not clear whether the practice of regular physical exercise improves glycemic control in adolescents with diabetes. Thus, the studies published to date show some improvement in the glycosylated hemoglobin values, but always in those adolescents who practice exercise in a very usual way. So to speak, the benefits do not depend on performing one type or another of exercise but are found when the exercise is practiced daily, and not sporadically. exercise is needed to stay healthy.

On the other hand, during teenage, physical exercise becomes more and more programmed. That is to say, the physical activity guidelines related to the game are abandoned, which are much more irregular and not very planned, to pass mostly to exercises in the form of training or competitions. This fact facilitates to a certain extent the control of diabetes because knowing the schedules and the type of exercise to be carried out can also be programmed the changes in insulin or the carbohydrate supplementation most appropriate in each case. we should to know how to stay healthy and fit.

Despite this, the hormonal changes typical of this age contribute to the great variability of blood glucose levels in response to the same exercise. The recipe to correct these imbalances is not simple, but it is necessary to maintain a good number of blood glucose controls in order to study the effect of each type of exercise. For example, you will find totally different values ​​on a training day than after a competition.

teenage is the time when many athletes enter their period of high performance, dedicating many efforts and time in the training of their favorite sport. This implies the difficulty of combining the demands of competitive physical exercise, studies and, of course, the adaptation that diabetes requires.

In competitive sports, changes or adaptations of the diet are often necessary. For example, in many sports it is necessary to maintain a certain body weight, as in combat sports, which requires following restrictive eating patterns. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a greater follow-up by the health team, evaluating these dietary guidelines and avoiding that they give rise to nutritional deficits.

The opposite happens in other sports , in which an increase in weight in the form of a greater muscle mass is required. This is the case of fighting or throwing sports.

It also happens in the increasingly common practice of bodybuilding exercise , with a basically aesthetic motivation. The use of nutritional supplements based on amino acids, proteins or other components is common. It should be clear that these are not harmful elements always when a reasonable and adequate use is followed.

Eat well at any age stay healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet seems an unattainable goal, something unusual among adolescents in our days. The consumption of processed foods seems to gain prominence, thanks to its flavor, speed and low cost. However, it is worthwhile to insist on fighting against this trend because healthy eating is the basis for the prevention of many health problems in the future. perfect eating is needed to stay healthy.

The presence of diabetes can be a key factor in the appearance of some disorders related to food .

Despite being able to occur at any age, eating disorders (ED) are extremely worrisome at this age. The anorexia nervosa , the bulimia , disorders binge eating and other disorders associated with eating behavior have in common preception impaired body image on the basis of a psychological disorder . we should to know how to be healthy and fit teenager.

In this way an important hyperglycemia is provoked , with which part of the ingested carbohydrates can not be used by the tissues and it is eliminated in the urine. In theory, this action is not entirely effective, since it only reduces the use of part of the carbohydrates , but not the rest of the calories included in food in the form of proteins and fats.

In its prevention, it is especially important to pay attention to some of the signs that may warn about the presence of this disorder such as glycosylated hemoglobin values ​​especially high, significant changes in glycemic control or fluctuations in body weight, always in the hand of an excess of concern by the image and body weight. perfect eating is needed to stay healthy.

On the other side is the current trend of excess weight in today’s society. Some studies have suggested that children and adolescents with diabetes would have a greater propensity to gain weight . This increase in body weight is greater among girls than among boys. The explanation for this weight gain is complex and many factors are involved. we should to know how to be healthy and fit teenager.

Popularly, an important part of this weight gain is attributed to insulin. According to current studies, it appears that weight gain is more related to multiple insulin regimens (which, on the other hand, also allow for better control of blood glucose levels). Also, this excess weight is attributed to the need to take some small food supplements with the aim of preventing or treating hypoglycemia.

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