How to use convection oven

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If you have a convection oven but you are not sure how to use it, you should know that it has several differences compared to a traditional oven. For example, the traditional oven cooks the dishes from the bottom up, since it has heaters located both in the upper part and in the lower part, and this causes some areas to remain cold and others hot; However, in the convection oven, this does not happen because it also has fans that allow a constant circulation of hot air that keeps the food well cooked in a balanced way. We solve all your doubts in our article on how to use a convection oven.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Convection ovens have a small fan whose function is to distribute the heat equally inside the appliance so that the food is heated evenly. This prevents parts of the food from burning. However, when inserting several trays, make sure there is a distance of 2.5 cm between each one of them, as well as with respect to the walls of the appliance, to facilitate proper air circulation.

Step: 2

In addition, with this system cooking is accelerated, working 20% ​​faster than other ovens, although it is not mandatory to turn on the fan, so the cook can also opt for conventional baking if this function is not activated.

So keep in mind that both the times and the cooking temperatures of the food must be lower in the convection oven compared to those that would be used in a traditional one. When you start cooking with this oven, reduce the temperature indicated in the cooking recipes or cooking instructions on the food packaging by 20 or 25ºC, and also reduce the recommended cooking time by a third. For example, if the recipe says to cook at 150ºC for 30 minutes, you replace these numbers with 130ºC and 20 minutes.

Step: 3

The most recommended foods when cooking with a convection oven are meat and cookies . This is because this appliance cooks in a drier way than the traditional oven. For example, meat can be best roasted in a convection oven, getting a crispy crust and a moist interior. Regarding the cookies, these are golden, and the cakes have a soft texture. However, the results in cakes are not so optimal due to the dry heat given off by the convection oven, which could give them a humid appearance.

Step: 4

As for the recommended molds for convection ovens, use trays without edges or insulation to make cookies and line them with parchment paper. Also, resort to oven trays that have low edges so that the air reaches the food.

Also, in order not to block the proper flow of air during cooking, do not try to cover the food in any way, neither with a lid nor with aluminum foil. Finally, don’t forget to check the food from time to time, preferably after three-quarters of the cooking time.

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