How to have a successful career in creative writing

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Is it possible to earn money from home by writing? Of course yes. Many companies hire freelance writers and editors to carry out their content strategy, either through sponsored posts or publishing content from their internal blogs. New websites emerge every second, which increases the demand for original content; that is why many administrators are in need of keeping their site updated with the best content and to achieve it they use the services of writers and freelance copywriters. you should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

1. Take it seriously

There are two types of freelance writers: those who do it well and those who do it just fine. What is the difference between them? That the first ones know that this is a business and treat it as such.

If you are hired to write a 10-page manual, you must submit a 10-page manual. If you are hired to write a series of sports articles, you must submit a series of sports articles. That is, you must be consistent with the work for which you are being paid.

Remember that nothing will magically come out of your fingers. You have to find the time to write and work on it. Many people get discouraged and even give up writing because it is not as easy as they thought. you can do entry level creative writing jobs.

In summary, you must respect the assigned topics, delivery times and take care of all the details related to your writing (spelling, syntax, etc.).

2. Train your strengths and overcome your weaknesses

If you are good at writing stories, stop working for a moment and write a good story. On the other hand, if you think you write very slowly, program a stopwatch and try to write a 500-word article in the shortest possible time.

When a company hires you it does not look for a writer, it wants a super writer. So it is your duty to become it: be responsible with delivery times, be able to write an article in a short time, master various topics without any problem and, if possible, know how to manage content managers. you should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

3. Do not be (so) a perfectionist

If you are someone who is afraid to write because they think your product will not be perfect, I have simple advice for you: Get over it!

Why should you be perfect writing? Is there something you do to perfection? Nothing is perfect, so why would your writing be? Why are you pushing yourself so hard to get that perfect and brilliant writing? If you get rid of these unrealistic expectations, then you could give yourself permission to produce something that is actually quite good.

eye! Do not confuse this advice. That you are not a perfectionist does not mean that you are not professional. You must deliver good writing because it is your job, but keeping clear and real expectations about your abilities as a should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

4. Sit down to write

You can not write if you do not write. Sure, you can do all the activities that have to do with writing, but if you do not write, nothing extraordinary will happen. The pen will not write and the keys will not be pressed alone. It’s not enough to have a lot of ideas, investigate, underline, print papers and everything else if you’re not really writing something

To carry out a writing project, you have to write! Work on your project every day or every two days or in any planning that you have done. Do not complain about the fact that you have not written anything yet. Do not spend time thinking, talking about it or being scared by it. Writes!

No matter how good or bad the job is right now (assuming it is not a project you are doing for a client, because if it is a project for a client, then it needs to be good, very good). When you are struggling to produce, the main objective is to produce. you should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

Just get somewhere, sit in front of your computer and get put words on the sheet. You can edit it later. Set a goal of a certain amount: one page, 300 words, one page, one chapter, or whatever you want. Take the words out of your brain and put them on paper.

5. Find a good place to write careers in creative writing

If the people or responsibilities of your house keep pushing you away, then you will have to walk away. Find a place where you can write. Maybe in a cafeteria, in the library, in your car.

The idea is to find a relatively comfortable place where distractions are minimal. I said relatively because it can be so comfortable that all you want to do is sleep. Which means that your bed or the living room furniture, for example, are probably not the best places. you can do entry level creative writing jobs.

6. Find time to write

There will always be a lot to do, this is a fact. So you have to reserve time to write. If not then book a lot of time, it’s fine. Just reserve the one you can. Whether it’s 20 minutes or two hours, reserve your time. Write it on your calendar, add a reminder in an app on your Smartphone. Tell your partner or children not to bother you during this time.

And do not just book this time, stand firm to him. You can complete a project by joining a good number of short writing sessions. So do not stop writing just because of the idea that “you do not have time”. Do you have 20 minutes? Then you have time. you should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

This means that if you really can not find 20 minutes a day, then, being honest: Writing is not that important to you. Because that’s what it’s about: we find time for what is important. If we say that we do not have time for something, then it means that it is not important. As simple as that. So look for time or stop talking about it.

7. Take responsibility

Some of us do not move unless there is a fine, punishment, or some other unpleasant thing associated with a bad result. If that is you, then here is some advice that may work: tell someone about the writing project you are doing and that someone is the one who makes you be responsible. you can do freelance writing jobs.

Tell this person about your project and the fact that you will finish it in a certain period of time. Invite this person to review it from time to time with you. You do not want this person to keep asking about how the project is going and that you do not have anything good to say, so that pressure may be what you need to work on. you should work hard to have careers in creative writing.

This person can be a friend or a member of the family, can also be your partner. Or this person can be a professional, like a journalist or writing coach. In short, this person is someone you would not want to disappoint.

8. Seek professional help

If you think you’re not making progress on your own, it’s time to find a writing coach. Find someone who gets a clear idea of ​​your goal, someone who knows everything about writing, and who can motivate you enough during the process. A professional writing coach or mentor can be the person who helps you finally finish the project.

You can only be a successful writer if you write. Whether your productivity problems are related to your way of thinking (if you do not believe that writing is a job or you are a perfectionist), or more practical elements (you do not have time to write), you have to overcome them and reach your goals.

9. You are not an employee, but be friendly

As a freelance writer, you must understand that you are not an employee, but a person who was hired for a specific job. Therefore, even if you think that they will not know more about you when you finish your project, you must be friendly with the people with whom you work. you can do freelance writing jobs.

Being friendly with those who hire you will give you two excellent benefits: recommendations and more work. An entrepreneur who was happy with your work and your kindness will recommend you to other entrepreneurs and will hire you again.

Tom Latham

The writer of this article currently manages his own blog and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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