How to Have an Autumn Wardrobe Sort Out

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When the seasons start to change, it also means that our lifestyles and activities change with them. Summer activities such as garden barbeques and days out at the beach are not as popular in the cold winter months, and this is an ideal time to go through our wardrobes and make sure that our clothes are ready for the change in seasons.

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Going through the wardrobe and having a clear out is something that we should all be in the habit of doing at each change in the seasons, so ideally in spring and in autumn. This stops us from having too much in there and also means that we can always keep an eye on what we have and saves having to do a huge clear out!

When doing an autumn wardrobe sort out, the first thing to remember is that you want to focus on clothes that you want to wear this autumn and winter. Firstly, go through your summer clothes and any that you have not worn this summer, get rid of now, as it is not likely that you will wear them again. If they are in good condition, you could sell them online, or donate them to a charity shop. If they are a bit worse for wear look for a clothing recycling place in your local area and you can take them there. Any summer clothes that you are going to keep can be stored away ready for next year.

Once you have done this, it is time to focus on your winter clothes – go through them and check that they are all in good condition and can be worn again this winter. You may want to make repairs or get rid of items that are a little threadbare. You can also clear out things that you can’t see yourself wearing again. Once you have done this you will be left with your winter wardrobe, so from here you can see if there is anything that you would like to add to it.

Don’t forget that as well as clothing, shoes and accessories such as hats and scarves also play a big part in a winter wardrobe, so check that you have these things too. If not, it is time to go shopping!

Before you hit the shops, make a list and have a look online for inspiration of the things that you would like to add to your wardrobe this winter. Look at styles and trends as well as what works with your lifestyle and your own body shape. Try some things on to get ideas of what works well for you.

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Some winter staples include wool overcoats which are both warm and smart, as well as footwear like these Tommy Bowe shoes which are versatile enough to work with many different outfits. Remember if you have different accessories, you may not need to add much to the wardrobe as you can change an outfit by using the right accessories.

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