How to Keep Warm When Working Outside in Winter

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As much as we’d all like to hibernate away in the warmth during winter, for those whose work involves being outside, this is a luxury only to be experienced at the end of the working day! Working outdoors in winter can be dangerous, but there are ways to stay warm.

For starters, it is important to wear proper footwear. You should wear thick boots to protect your feet from the cold. Layers are also a good idea, but remember to be careful not to over-dress. It is easier to get cold again if you do not move around after sweating. It is better to wear several layers of a lightweight material than relying on one thick coat, for example.

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While there are no set rules for how to stay warm while working outside in the cold, it is important to dress properly and understand how to recognize cold-related symptoms. While you may be comfortable initially, be aware of how long you have been out in the cold and take regular breaks inside for a warm drink.

While wearing an appropriate winter jacket is essential to staying warm, you should not overlook other important aspects. Your choice of base layers is also essential and these should be close-fitting, moisture-wicking and comfortable. The body temperature is the most vulnerable during cold weather, so you must ensure that your clothing is comfortable. In addition, you should consider insulated pants and thermal underwear. If you have to go out in the cold for a long time, it is recommended that you work with a partner or in a team.

Protecting the extremities is just as important as your core body temperature. For this reason, a hat and gloves are vital. Even a snood or scarf to cover the mouth and nose is a good idea in freezing temperatures.

Keeping yourself hydrated is another important step in keeping warm while working outside in winter. It is important to drink water, not just hot drinks. At the end of the day, take a hot shower or bath and enjoy your central heating. To ensure that your home is as welcoming and toasty as can be after a tough day out in the harsh conditions, consider Boiler Service Cheltenham from a site like The Combi Man, provider of Boiler Service Cheltenham services.

Additionally, it is important to avoid alcohol and caffeine-based drinks as these can lead to dehydration. To prevent frostbite, drink plenty of fluids and keep moving.

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Be sure to keep your body active. Being warm is the most important thing to do while working in winter. You should avoid wearing heavy clothing, which can be difficult to move around in the cold, and focus on high quality insulating base layers instead.

In conclusion, working outside during winter does come with some challenges but as long as your first priority is your wellbeing and that of those you work with, it can be done safely and might even be enjoyable!

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