How to Rescue Yourself from Life Pressure

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Many people are often troubled by various problems in their daily life. The following tips are useful for people to rescue themselves from heavy pressure.

Only worry about one thing at one time. Researchers of Harvard University made a six-week study on 166 married couples and found that female are more prone to consider problems of various aspects, so they often feel more pressure than male. They often care about their work, weight and health of family members.

Do not think about anything for several minutes. After finishing the work, you could have a short relax. For example, you can spend 20 minutes on walking, without thinking about anything about work. You just need to concentrate on everything around you, such as what you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you smell. You may also like to read

Write out or speak out your concerns. You could write diary every day or have a deep talk with friends so that you will not feel lonely and helpless. If people could write out their fear, pain and helpless every day carefully, they will feel less worried and anxious.

No matter how busy you are, be sure to do exercise. After 30 minutes of riding bike, the stress level will be reduced by 25%. You can also choose to go to gym or play basketballs.

Enjoy the pleasure of massage. Massage here is not simply referring to the traditional full-body massage, including foot massage, manicure or beauty. All these can make your spirit relax.

Slow down your speaking speed. Maybe you have a lot of documents to read and face different kinds of people to say different words. But remember that, try to keep positive attitude and slow down your speaking speed.

Do not be too serious. You can tell jokes with friends or colleagues to create lively atmosphere. In fact, laugh could not only reduce tension, but also enhance the body’s immune function.

Do not let negative words around you. You may be denied by your leaders, but you really have many advantages. It is just the issue of time. People will find your advantages as they really know you.

So, follow my above my tips and try to rescue yourself from various pressures.

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