How to store fresh ginger: methods and tips to make it last a long time

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Ginger is a natural ingredient often found in our kitchens, but how to store it, and how do make it last a long time? Here’s how to store ginger, fresh and rooted or grated, in the refrigerator or freezer or, again, in oil and vinegar.

Ginger is a spice rich in properties and benefits and, moreover, it can be used to flavor many culinary recipes, both sweet and savory. But how to store ginger the right way after using it? Like all spices, in fact, ginger is used in small quantities so it may happen that after completing the preparation of a dish, you do not know what to do with the remaining ginger.

Fortunately, there are many ways to preserve this spice  – whether it is a root, then fresh ginger, or dried and dehydrated ginger – and all of them allow to keep its properties unchanged, use after use. For example, you can simply place the ginger in the freezer or refrigerator, even keeping it for months. Other equally valid methods are conservation in oil and vinegar or in alcohol.

Ginger growing in pots

Let’s find out how to store this spice in the right way, which methods to prefer depending on the type of ginger, which containers to use, and many other useful curiosities to ensure, day after day, excellent ginger.

How to store fresh ginger (whole or grated)

To keep the many properties of ginger unaltered, it is essential to know how to store it in the right way. The ideal, after using it for the preparation of culinary recipes or infusions and decoctions, is to keep it fresh. The possibilities available are different, depending on whether it is whole ginger (in this case we are talking about ginger root) or grated or already sliced ​​ginger.

In the fridge

The best and easiest way to store ginger is to store it in the refrigerator. If you have the whole root available, wrap it in an airtight bag for food, or in a common paper bag. Be careful to keep the ginger in the central part of the shelf, avoiding it ending up at the bottom of the refrigerator. It would be even better to place it in the side compartments, less subject to temperature changes.

How to best keep fresh food in the fridge: the complete guide

If you are wondering how long ginger lasts in the fridge, know that the whole root can last several weeks. On the other hand, ginger that has already been peeled or chopped can be kept for a maximum of about 10 days.

The refrigerator is also perfect for storing marinated ginger , one of the many culinary preparations this spice lends itself to. Cover the ginger with the marinade (made of vinegar, water, and sugar) and place it in an airtight jar, preferably in the glass. It will keep for up to 2 weeks.

In the freezer

If it is your concern to know how to keep fresh grated ginger for a long time, the answer is all too simple: freeze it . Place the fresh ginger in an airtight container making sure that the temperature is around -20 ° C. We recommend that you defrost the amount of ginger you need from time to time. By doing this, you will be able to keep your favorite spice in the best possible way for up to 3 months.

How to preserve ginger in vinegar or in oil

Another good solution when it comes to preserving ginger is pickling it. The ideal is to use very mild types of vinegar, such as rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Fresh ginger, whether sliced ​​or blended, can also be preserved in oil. Unlike vinegar, which tends to alter flavors, the oil protects the natural aroma of the spice. Just put the ginger in an airtight jar and cover it completely with vinegar or oil to ensure perfect preservation. The ideal is to keep it in the lower part of the refrigerator, in the vegetable drawer.

These methods both allow you to have great ginger on hand even for several months.

How to store ginger in alcohol

Many are wondering how to store ginger in water, but this is not possible. You can, however, try to put ginger in alcohol. Immerse it in alcohol to keep its properties intact and preserve its flavor. There are many liqueurs suitable for this purpose: in particular, we recommend the typical Japanese sake or vodka and sherry.

How to store dried and dehydrated ginger

Another method that is even simpler than the previous ones is that which involves drying the spice. Peel the ginger and grate it, letting it dry in the sun until completely dry. If the weather does not allow it, help yourself with the microwave.

Pour the powder into an airtight jar and place it in a dry, shady corner of the house. Also in this case the ginger lasts several months, keeping its properties intact.

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