How to successfully clear out and declutter your garage

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Garages are notorious for being the place where we dump lots of different items. This could be old furniture pieces that we haven’t found a new home for, or all those electrical items that have broken, that we haven’t taken down to the local recycling centre. Soon the space becomes filled with old, disused and broken items. There are lots of other, better uses for garage space, such as sucing them for storing your car in, designing a home gym or perhaps a workshop where you can do your favourite hobbies. Regardless of what you want to turn your garage space into there are a number of steps you can take to successfully clear out and declutter your garage.

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First, it is always a good idea to look at hiring a skip especially if you have lots of rubbish in your garage. This way you can load the skip up with everything that is to be thrown away and watch being picked up by the skip company and removed from your home. Once you have the skip sorted you should make a big pile in the centre of your garage of all the items that have been left lying around.

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Take each item in turn and decide whether it is something that you want to keep, something that is seasonal that is being stored in the garage for use at a later date, or something that can be thrown away or donated. For each item that is being thrown away, put it in the skip. If there are items that you can donate, make a pile of these outside your garage.

Once you have sorted through all of your items you can then give your garage a quick clean, check for any damp or mould or damage to the door mechanisms that might see you needing the support of a Garage Door Repairs St Albans company like Next you can place storage solutions such as shelves and boxes around the edge of the garage and place the items you are keeping into these for a much more organised way of storing items in the garage. Make sure that you don’t stack any items in the way of the door mechanism as this can stop the door from closing and can cause damage to the mechanism itself.

Now you will be able to see what space you have left in the garage and you can decide how you are going to use this. Make sure that you regularly have a sort out of the items in your garage to stop it becoming unmanageable again.

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