Living with Yourself Season 2 on Netflix

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‘Living with yourself’ is a sarcastic and unusual American series of the comedy genre, created by Timothy Greenberg and produced by Likely Story and Jax Media for Netflix. It premiered on October 18, 2019, and currently has 1 season. In this article, we analyze the prospect of an eventual Living with yourself’ Season 2.

“Living With Yourself” is an existential comedy conceived by Timothy Greenberg (author of the comedy talk show Daily Show with Jon Stewart). Narrated from different points of view and with intertwined stories, part of the question: do we really want to be better?

Synopsis of “Living With Yourself”Living with Yourself Season 2

The path of life brings us many problems. Pain. Sadness. Humiliation. But at the “Top Happy” Spa they will rebuild your DNA to make it better. A better you, the best you there can be.

Miles (Rudd) is a bitter man, fed up with life. He undergoes a mysterious experimental cure in that dubious Spa and upon awakening, he is replaced by a clone of his own that represents the best version of himself. Will Miles be able to regain his career, his affections, and his identity with his loose clone?

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Starring Paul Rudd in the role of Miles Elliot and his clone. The cast is completed by Aisling Bea, Alia Shawkat, and Desmin Borges, among others.


Miles Elliot / Clone of Miles Elliot. Portrayed by Paul Rudd. He is a guy who is fed up with life and undergoes a strange treatment.

Kate Elliot. Portrayed by Aisling Bea. She is Miles’s wife.

Miles’s sister. Portrayed by Alia Shawkat.

Dan. Portrayed by Desmin Borges.

Lenore Pool. Portrayed by Karen Pittman.

Kaylyn. Portrayed by Zoe Chao.

Henry. Portrayed by Jon Glaser.

Mousy. Portrayed by Emily Young. She is a co-worker.

Margaret. Portrayed by Eden Malyn.

Meg. Portrayed by Ginger Gonzaga.

Tom Brady. It interprets itself.

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‘Living with yourself’ season 1Living with Yourself Season 2

Fed up with life, Miles undergoes a strange treatment at a dubious spa, and upon awakening to find that he has been replaced with a better version of himself.

Latin America Premiere (Netflix): 10/18/2019

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Episodes season 1

It has 8 episodes of ~ 26 minutes each and a total of 3h30 min and was released worldwide by Netflix on October 18, 2019.

Episodes: 8 x ~ 26 min each

Total duration: ~ 3h30 min

List of episodes:

Episode 1. The best it can be. As his career and relationship end up going to hell, Miles takes the advice of a successful newcomer colleague and goes to a mystery spa. (26 min)

Episode 2. Created in a shopping mall. In love with life, the new Miles takes over at work and begins to reconnect with Kate … until the original Miles arrives to ruin everything. (26 min)

Episode 3. Green tea. “Divide and conquer”: the two Miles agree that this is the best way to win back their lives, although for one of them, delegating is not easy. (27 min)

Episode 4. Soulmate. Now that she discovered the other self of her wife Kate, she does not try to hide her anger and decides to set certain rules. Meanwhile, the new Miles receives advice from his sister. (24 min)

Episode 5. Sometime before cloning, Kate’s ambitions and frustrations come to light as her relationship with Miles begins to deteriorate. (29 min)

Episode 6. Neighbors and friends. After finally visiting the fertility clinic, the original Miles sneaks into the town hall to see the vote on the phone masts. (21 min)

Episode 7. Pina Colada. Kate spends the night with the new Miles, but the encounter turns out to be much stranger than they both expected. Later, Dan makes a disturbing discovery. (27 min)

Episode 8. It was nice meeting you. While the original Miles resorts to chattering to try to get out of a tangle, the new version gets a makeover and considers the worst decision. (35 min)

Living with yourself season 2

With a duration of just 3h30, thousands of subscribers have already finished the eight episodes of “Living With Yourself” and are wondering about the continuation of the series.

Will ‘Living with yourself’ season 2 have?

Let’s start with the facts: at the moment, Netflix has not yet announced the renewal for the second season of “How to Live With Yourself”, but this is not necessarily a negative sign: the series has not been canceled, and as it has not been announced or advertised in promotional materials as a miniseries, it is conceivable that the story of Miles and his clone could continue.

Initially commissioned for IFC’s cable network, word arrived in August 2018 that Living With Yourself would be landing on Netflix as an original production.

“How to Live With Yourself” was billed as an “existential comedy” and is the most recent comedy of its kind produced by Netflix to hit its platform. The four Netflix comedies that debuted in 2019 (Russian Doll, After Life, Dead To Me, and The Politician) won over audiences and were renewed for a second season.

Given the success of the four titles mentioned above and the presence of a star like Paul Rudd in the series, it is quite likely that Netflix will not stop at the first and order a second season of Living With Yourself, but the last word depends on the ones. subscribers and the infamous Netflix algorithm.

So deciding the fate of Living With Yourself 2 will depend on the audience’s response. The Netflix algorithm elaborates visualization data indicative of the satisfaction of each title by the subscribers, with special attention to the performance in its first weekend of presence in the catalog. Subscriber accounts who watch at least 70% of an episode of a series are considered a “visualization”, as explained by a company spokesperson.

The decision about the future of “How to live with yourself” could come between the end of November and the beginning of December. Netflix typically takes four to six weeks to make a decision on its original titles.

When is “Living With Yourself Season 2 premieres?

In case Living With Yourself 2 is renewed, we could expect an annual format, so the second season will be premiering on Netflix in October 2020.

Release date Latin America: October 2020 *

* Forecast

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